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  1. southside

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    Anyone over there have an LPG (liquid petroleum gas) conversion done to their<br>petrol engines.(Gasoline here is known as <br>petrol.) Over here many V8 vehicles convert<br>to lpg to save on fuel costs. It's petrol<br>converted to a gas and stored in a high <br>pressure tank in the back or under the vehicle.Most of the towing industry here <br>use it. Maybe a solution to your rising fuel<br>costs.<p>Karl<br>
  2. Getmow

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    from VA
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    Karl,<br>My father-in-law works for the gas company here. All of their vehicles are powered by natural gas. He says the fuel economy is slighly better than petrol (how's that for my aussie lang) and they don't have any problem with the supply. We just don't see a gas pump at the fuel station.
  3. fdew

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    Most of the engines we use are also used in standby generators so I would think that the LPG conversion would be available from the engine mfg. <p>Frank
  4. bob

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    Grasshopper offers an air cooled propane/gas engine option. The ad says &quot;low emissions let you operate on ozonenon-compliance days&quot;<br>The model # is 725KLP
  5. fdew

    fdew LawnSite Member
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    Here is a web site for conversions<br>http://www.uscarburetion.com/
  6. southside

    southside LawnSite Senior Member
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    Most people who do a conversion here,opt for<br>a dual fuel setup.ie. Petrol and lpg.However<br>if you go for straight gas you can increase<br>your power a fair bit,because you can raise<br>your compression to almost diesel like levels.<p>Karl<br>
  7. Jason

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    Where I used to live there were a lot of people running propane. There is a gas-plant there, where they make propane. The employees of the plant get free propane, so everybody that works there converts to lpg.
  8. southside

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    LPG an propane are 2 different gases. Propane<br>is here for bbqs and small motors.LPG is used<br>on cars.<br>As a matter of interest,our local Walker<br>dealer said that the 26hp efi Kohler can<br>be succesfully converted to propane.<br>The difficult part would be working out where to put the cylinder.<p>Karl<br>

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