LT Rich Liquid rate controller

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sprayboy, Apr 26, 2012.

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    What will they come up with next?
    Great job guys

    LT Rich Products NEW

    “Liquid Rate Controller”

    After months of testing and system refining, we are happy to announce the introduction of the “LT Rich Products Liquid Rate Controller” system. This system provides a uniformed liquid delivery every time. As the unit slows down in speed, so does the amount of liquid delivered from the system. Utilized only in the Agricultural Industry, this system will revolutionize the Commercial Landscape Industry.

    As cost of chemicals continue to rise, the importance of putting the correct amount of product is ever so important. This is not just critical from a treatment standpoint (treating a lawn to hot and creating damage…….or not putting enough product down and having little to no results), but from a cost standpoint as well. Set your desired application pressure and your “normal” operating speed as a baseline, and the controller does the rest.
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    Wow. That is awesome news.
  3. grassmasterswilson

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    Just emailed andy. this is a great product and I've seen it work on ag sprayers very well. This would take the speed bar out of play. If you had a large property you could travel at 8 mph or slow to 3 mph to go around a bed all while applying the proper rate!!

    Any more info? Price?
  4. EquityGreen

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    Will this work on other types of machines such as my T's?
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  6. R&S Lawn Care

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    1695.00 introductory price. I want more photos and maintenance tips.
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    Call me old school but for 2 grand I'll drop pressures with the flick of the wrist if I need to, and for the record.

    I think most of you are probably running mix thats way too hot anyhow in which case this new "gizmo" would be good for the environment and your lawns and I am all for that.

    But thats for another thread.
  8. Pythium

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    I was asking for this 4 years ago! We had it on our golf spray rigs. Finally I will purchase one.
  9. R&S Lawn Care

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    Still waiting for more info and pics of an installed unit, weight, operating instructions, ect. This would make me comfortable letting a tech run it.
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  10. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    Maybe you should call LT Rich and talk to the folks who can give you the low down on the unit.

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