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    ok as im getting ready to change the fluids when i do my new pumps & wheel motors....

    where can i get this Lubrizol? do i still need it? is this like Amsoil?

    are you guys still recommending this as the standard way to go?

    lots of the local pro cutters are just switching the old machines from 10/40 to 20/50 mobil1 synthetic.. or Rotella

    is this a safe move?

    this will be NIB replacement wheel motors & pumps so i dont want to mess this up.. but the codes in my manual for this thing are NOT oils' that are readily available around here... they kinda phased out that label system.

    spill the beans!

    & thanks as always!

  2. hustlermidwest

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    It all depends on the model and serial number of your machine.
    Once the parts are out of warranty you can do whatever you want,I like doing what the factory says while you are under warranty.

    Brian O
  3. Keith

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    Brian, do they even still sell the Hustler-spec Lubrizol? I believe 20w50 superseded the Lubrizol and 10w40 6-plus years ago, so it would shock me if it were even available. Lubrizol was pretty much just an additive pack to make up for less robust 10w40 oils.

    BTW, I use Amsoil 20w50 motorcycle oil.
  4. sdk1968

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    same old machine... no warranty or anything like that. just want to do this to where its the most reliable & feasible with new pumps and wheel motors...
    wanna get good power & no leaks.

    model number is #927186

    serial number is #06021020
  5. hustlermidwest

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    Here's a flier on when we changed oils.

    Brian O

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