Lucrative add-on service?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by billc, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. billc

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    Happy Tails, Inc.

    In 30 hours a week, this guy averages 280 dogs at $9.00 a poop, er, pooch.

    What about a crew doing this? Maybe the poop could become fertilizer you sell to the customer.....
  2. Gravely_Man

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    This has been discussed on here several times. I for one do not want to clean up other people’s dog waste! Good idea if you can handle the smell.

  3. Soupy

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    Is Dog Poop a Pain in the Grass? :p

    If the service can really be performed that fast, then it sounds great. $2500 a week with very little overhead. Are you sure this guy does this Solo? he would have to be doing one dog every 6 minutes counting drive time. But even $1500 in 30 hours would be good with no overhead. I say give it a try.
  4. tonygreek

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    Absolutely DO NOT sell it on it's benefits as a fertilizer. Dogs are carnivores and therefore have bacteria that herbivores do not have. That bacteria can then turn up in gardens and edible plant material. Read: E Colli bacteria.

    Do sell it on the clean-up aspect that they are helping to protect the environment as dog poop is potentially the worst contaminent of a water supply that there is. It's worse than fertilizer run-off from fields and worse than motor oil your neighbor dumps down the sewer. Why? It's a bacterial contaminent and a leading contributor of E Colli. Becoming ill from oil-tainted water is different than becoming ill from a possible disease.

    My wife works for one of the leading pet food companies so I've read enough about this to bore the hell out of you.

  5. wagner17

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    You are absolutely correct. I have known people who have tried this and ended up regretting it. Also, dog doo does not belong in a compost bin as well. Thanks for passing on the info!
  6. dkeisala

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    I don't even like picking up after my own dogs, can't imagine doing it for someone else. There are a couple of businesses around here that do just that though and one of them has been around for a few years now so they must be doing something right.
  7. The C Man

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  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    His site says Bonded and Insured what the hell is he insured for mishandling dog poo what could he possibly do that would get him sued. Besides the obvious throwing up all over the client’s property. That has to be the worse job for ones self esteem that has ever been created can you imagine being in school and bringing your dad the dog poo king in for show and tell LOL. I only wish Sam Kinison had lived to hear about this trade I can almost hear his yell now as he goes off on this.
  9. olderthandirt

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    And he shows up in a chauffeur driven limo lol the "top dog" :rolleyes:

  10. gogetter

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    Bill, how did you get the scoop (LOL! Pun intended) on this guy as far as # of hours he works, and # of dogs he has? Did you contact him, or do you know him or something?

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