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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gator-town, May 27, 2004.

  1. gator-town

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    someone brought up a good point yesterday with respect to "how much do you show on your estimate" ... are you showing a "lump sum" price for the installation or do you give an itemize proposal with all components broke down ... perhaps in the case of a mulch installation you do itemize but show $60 per cyd with cost and labor figured in ... I mostly mow and go and the estimates are fairly simple ... with installations its a little more work to prepare a proposal and I don't want to seem like I am "hiding" something with lump sum ... on the other hand I don't want to show that I am estimating it will take 4 hours and after 2 hours I am soaking my feet in the pool ... I would appreciate your perspective on just how much info to show ... thanks.
  2. GeeVee

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    The details are well spelled out- but the price is a bottom line.

    Do not entertain even the first request to back something out to lower the price.

    New proposal....
  3. Randy Scott

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    NO itemization. I have better things to do than to argue, or try to justify my labor rates or material mark-up. People don't need to know anything but exactly what will be done, exactly the plant material used, and exactly the total price. I experimented when first starting my business and itemization just lead to too many questions and selling work was much more difficult.
  4. Remsen1

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    List all the services with ONE subtotal, tax, and total. No dollar amounts for each item. I don't want them to know how much I am keeping for myself.
  5. Lawn Dog2001

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    I give a detailed discription of everything that needs to be done. Then I give a price for the entire job. I give no itemization whatsoever, for pretty much all the reasons Randy Scott mentioned.

    Plus if I use a little less bark than I thought, I dont need people asking me to make deductions on the final bill.
  6. jajwrigh

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    Remsen1 said it well! I do that very same thing with no complaints and very good results!
  7. RBP

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    i would like to give just a total to rather than itamize but most people around here want to know exactly how much bark we are lady wanted to know how much i pay for bark (wholesale price)then broke out a calculator and started trying to figure out how much i was going to make off the job.
  8. Danimal

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    I itemize if I'm doing more than one type of job for instance I just bid a job with sod irrigation and landscaping I itemized these things. I got the job but the sod was out of their budget so we seeded. I feel if I would have lumped it together they would have said too much. I geuss it just depends on the size of the job though.
  9. Pecker

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    IMO she's going too far. I don't do many installs but I try to keep it so no one knows where I get my stuff or for how much. If they ask, I say "my supplier. . ." and try to be just a little evasive to let them know gently that it is none of their business. If they ask directly, then they've crossed the line and things are pretty hard to salvage at that point. That's just my thoughts though.
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  10. tiedeman

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    I used to break it all down on the invoices, but now I just lump sum it. A lot less complaints from the customer.

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