Lunch while landscaping. What do you pack? And in wha

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 2 Cycle, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. PerfectEarth

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    I remember that- two summers ago? Went into heat stroke off 22 out in the east end, correct? Crew was working in a HOA out front….?

    My wife is a sweetheart and packs my small Coleman cooler every day - PBJ sandwich, pringles plain, banana, yogurt, plain granola bar, peanut butter crackers, joint juice. Something to snack on throughout the day. It's like a lunch emergency pack.

    I have no idea how guys do FAST FOOD. @#$% is pure POISON. Terrible productivity afterwards. Light, plain, healthy food is key during stressful times.
  2. Chris_NC06

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    Wendy's jr bacon cheeseburger, baked potato and chocolate milkshake. Pack some fruit as a snack.
  3. Regal Landscapes

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    I agree with you on the fast food, if you eat light, healthy food throughout the day you feel a lot better and can get more done.
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  4. Armsden&Son

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    "Nailing Burgers" Hahahahahah! That made me die laughing!

    We definitely used to hit up the fast food/sub shop/pizza spot places like everyday when I was from the age of 15 to about 25. Then I started bringing what you guys are talking about, a little bit of fruit, a sandwich or two, some nuts/snacks... WATER! And boy was I better for it...

    The problem was, I was a foreman and all the younger guys wanted to hit the fast food spots and it was like crack for me! And I was paying double money because I would pack a lunch but get peer pressured into bacon double cheese bangers! Well, now I have my own company and I bring lunch everyday and find a beautiful tree to sit under and eat for 20-30 mins...

    You know what sucks? Going into an air-conditioned fast food restaurant and hammering down burgers and soda in the cold A.C only to come back out into 100 degree weather, a string-trimmer, and 15 more houses to go. I know lots of guys won't even put the A.C on in the truck (myself included) because of the drastic difference...

    I can't believe that story about that dude dying.... That sucks.... I have never heard about that before.... That is a story to most certainly tell the boys at an employee safety meeting...
  5. Armsden&Son

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    Did that death happen in the Brownsboro Glen neighborhood? I just looked it up and looks like the kid was only 18 years old. Man, I am a little choked up, that is just super sad. We are a small community, us lanscapers. We gotta spread the word about taking breaks and hydration and try to take care of each other... damn
  6. TML

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    1. Bring a good amount of water.
    2. Eat something packed or takeout your choice.
    3. The most important, finish with a nice chew, dip, pinch whatever you call it from your favorite tin makes the day. :)
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  7. 2 Cycle

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    I was hooked on dip for years, never again. It truly is great for landscaping though.
  8. Roger

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    PerfectEarth said his wife was a sweetheart and packed his lunch. Ditto to what he said....

    I have cooler, packed with an ice pack, one turkey/cheese sandwich on heavy bread, two apples, and two cookies. Also, I have a plastic box with tortillia chips, and eat them with the sandwich. These replace potato chips. The second apple is for a snack for working the "late shift," after 6:00 p.m. I never snack at other times. The cooler also has two Mason jars of ice water. On hot days, I take another cooler with two more quarts of ice water. No more "energy" drinks for me, just plain tap water. The glass jars easily wash in the dishwasher at night. Actually, I am amazed that no glass jar has been broken! The cooler was a promotional item by Kohler when I bought my Exmark. It has Kohler in raised latters across the front -- used it for all these years. It has carried thousands of lunches.

    Lunchtime on the tailgate of my pickup is one of the highlights of the day. I work solo, and read books during this time. Not only is the reading a good thing, but slows down my eating rate. I've read many, many good books over the past several years. I look forward to the reading nearly as much as the time of eating.

    In 17 years of working this business, I have never stopped at a fast food joint. I cannot imagine going back to work after eating that food!
  9. kube616

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    Exactly I couldn't remember if it was 2 or 3 years ago but I think it was two
  10. greendoctor

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    Nothing. I did not become self employed to have to eat cold food or food not kept hot(150>} An expensive lunch becomes very cheap compared to a visit to the ER and lost time due to bad food.

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