Lunch while landscaping. What do you pack? And in wha

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 2 Cycle, Jan 16, 2014.

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    I am definitely guilty of eating Fat Rons (Mcd's), BK, Taco Bell, etc. on occasion last summer or ordering up pizza to a jobsite for my guys and I to devour and then feel too full to do any work after.

    I've always drank a ton of water every day so that has not changed, on these winter days that I'm home most of the time, after breakfast I start working in the office and I drink lots of water, over a gallon a day and that's before doing any exercise. I try to do a HIIT workout & a bunch of stretching after working in the office. I need to get that beach body in shape to show off to the ladies this summer! :laugh:

    Since right after Christmas I've completely changed up my eating habits big time for the better. Rarely do I eat any beef, it's now chicken or fish. About the only time I'll eat fast food is Chipotle or if it's been a really long day/night plowing I'll have a burger & fries from Culvers (freshly made burgers), they're a fast food place in the midwest, excellent food as far as fast food goes, sometimes Arbys too but I definitely don't make a habit of that! I eat a lot of Greek yogurt as well. Eggs in the morning with ham or turkey, oatmeal, fruit, & coffee. I'm going to try to do that during the lawn/landscape also, wake up early enough to make a good breakfast to start off the day. For lunch I usually have a ham or turkey & cheese sandwich on whole wheat, I can't stand white bread! I also love having protein bars as well, Quest Nutrition is my favorite by far, I get them at GNC, there are tons of different flavors.

    If I do end up going out to eat with my guys and I'm buying (if it's been a very successful day), we'll go to Chipotle, Subway, or Jimmy Johns.

    One of the best things I've purchased has been the Igloo 5 gal water tank/jug. I'll be mounting it in my enclosed this year and then another on my 2nd truck which will be used for landscape installs & towing a dump trailer.
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    The Gold Standards for eating healthy fast food on the road are most any sub shop (Subway, Quiznos, Jimmy Johns, and the like). Or another good alternative is Panara Bread. Most all of the fast food chains now have healthy choice options on their menus. EAT HEALTHY! and you'll find that you will have more energy and stamina throughout the day. Eat pizza and fries, and you'll want to crawl in the truck and take a nap!!!! :sleeping:

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