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Hey guys , Im SURE theres many these threads about this topic but i couldnt find any with a quick search. I was just looking back at my reciepts from the month and I could NOT believe just how much money I've spent for me and 1 sometimes 2 other guys for lunch!! I mean aubviously its going to add up , but man i didnt realize just how much and how quick !! Starting Tuesday (labor day monday) i'm packing lunch for myself and my guys had better pack theres. How many of you bring a lunch from home and how many eat out each day ?? :dizzy:
Ford quit whining! We all know you have more $$$ than everyone on here combined! What do you care if you spend $25 a day on lunch?? I pack my lunch as well-as an only option as don't have the funds to pay even for Mickey-D's every day. Not to mention it is usually healthier food than I would normally buy at fast food places. I usually pack a couple fruits and stuff in there as well. Good luck-but quit being stingy with your $$$, ford!:laugh: Heck, you can't take it with ya:hammerhead::hammerhead:
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