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    really it sounds like every major company i worked for during my life lol. any time they cut costs the burden was put on the employees. that's why i quit working for all those garbage companies. they sit back and make billions of dollars a year doing nothing while they pay their workers to slave for $8-$25 an hr asking them to meet quotas that aren't even humanly possible to reach.
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    everyone's different though.

    when I stop for lunch I usually get say at Wendy's a triple baconador combo large size. at McDonald's I'll get 2 double quarter pounders with cheese.

    doesn't slow me down a bit. in fact if I didn't fill up, that's what slows me down.
  3. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    They have a reasonable quota to fill each day, they can either take 30 min break for lunch or work straight through if they'd like. Different people like it different ways.
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    Not a troll not a d bag either if you read I pay guys from shop yo shop but if people add up hours for gas and lunch I can save over $4500 by fueling up at shop in am and if guys bring lunch and stop at 12 to eat no drive time to get food and they will save money bringing lunch and drinks it will then in return save me fuel to get lunch and time it takes to leave job site then wait on line then return to job site then take their lunch. This does not apply to solo workers or 1 crew guys this is more for people with multiple crews out
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    that's cool if you can get away with it lol. it does slow me down if i don't eat too. i start feeling weak even if i drink gatorade and water. sometimes i work and take a later lunch and i can really tell. taking lunch at 2-3pm isn't good lol. if i eat around 12-1pm i'm good.
  6. Charles

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    Solo here. Most of the time I take bread and water. Eat the bread while i am gassing up the weedeater or blower.:laugh: Too much food just makes me sleepy. I would rather get finished early than stop for lunch or spend more time in the hottest part of the day.
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    no charles see what you do is take lunch during the hottest part of the day. like 1-3pm. just relax in the cold a/c and take a nap if you want. then go back working once you're all done lol.
  8. yardguy28

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    no Charles and no Jason.

    what you REALLY do is start as Early as you can on those hot days and either get done before the heat or just call it a day before the heat.

    then you can eat as much as you want, take a nap and soak up the ac.
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    I give 30 mins for lunch but I think they guys take a little longer at times.

    Considering going to a higher pay rate but paying by the job.

    I need to track that internally for a short while before I decide.

    I have a shop fridge with some water and ice plus a water filter. Box of Gatoraid and some times I buy trail mix or other snacks. Not enough to feed them every day but a little something.
  10. weeze

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    actually the only way to beat the heat here in july and august would be to have lights and cut in the dark lol. might get some noise complaints though mowing at midnight lol.

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