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    The trouble with posting your state laws is not every states laws are as poorly written. This is from ct dept of labor:

    7. Is an employer required to provide a break?
    Connecticut state law does not require an employer to provide a break. However, state law does require the employer to provide a meal period after the employee has worked 7½ or more consecutive hours. Meal period requirements are covered under 31-51ii of the Conn. State Statutes.

    8. Is the employer required to provide a meal period?
    The employer must provide a meal period of at least 30 consecutive minutes if the employee has worked for 7½ or more consecutive hours. However, the Labor Commissioner will exempt the employer from this requirement if one of the following conditions is present:
    a. complying with this requirement would endanger public safety;
    b. the duties of the position can only be performed by one employee;
    c. the employer employs less than 5 employees on that shift at that one business location (this only applies to that particular shift); or,
    d. the employer's operation requires that employees be available to respond to urgent conditions, and that the employees are compensated for the meal period.

    So breaks are not required here and since my crews are 2-3 man nor are lunches. We do not take lunch every day but we also do not doc for it and we pay them from the time they get to the shop till the time were unloaded and they leave.

    But the OP is getting screwed and it's a topic I have thought on as well and in the future I have plans to solve that issue. Two phase one gps tracking over every truck we have and two a work site time clock where they clock in and out by swiping there ids. Currently they sign in and out and are regularly caught steeling time from me. I intend to end that soon and pay by the min not by the quarter hours. If they wish to take 47 mins for lunch then np but they learn its their time not mine. And most guys would rather snack all day and skip lunch get home earlier and have a larger pay check. It's only when they think the lunch is a income perk that they become obsessed with it.

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