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Do you guys stop and eat lunch or work right through? I know that health wise you should eat, but I seem to have more energy on days when I work through lunch than on days that I stop and eat. Also, what do like to eat after that long day? Personally I like a good steak or a big plate of red beans and rice with hot sausage. Just curious.



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Southern, Maine
I try to finish the job we are on then bring the guys to get sandwiches at a local store (always my treat) no expense but my guys like that there gettin a free lunch.


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Columbus Ga
park the truck walk into the bk after lunch rush, jump in the truck and eat it before the next stop..........


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Pittsburgh, Pa
We usually stop for a sandwich somewhere. Like Landscaper said its always my treat too!!! YOu may pay for lunch, but to keep your employees happy, its worth it.


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Portsmouth, VA
Lunch, doughnuts & coffee in the morning. All my treat. It's only me and one guy, but it keeps him happy. Every once in a while I'll get him a gift certificate from Outback or Red Lobster. He says if I give him cash, he'll just blow it. I always want to take a nap after I eat.


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South West PA
I guess that there IS such a thing as a free lunch.

I will only eat out 1-2 times per month. My route is close to home, so I will either stop at the house, or take my lunch with me.

$5 per day @ a fast food resturant, times 5 days per week = $25/week. $25/week times 35 weeks per season=$875.00 to eat unhealthy food. No thanks.


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N.E. Wisconsin
I eat in between jobs while driving down the road. ! sandwich and some chips or cheetos and a can od diet pop(?)
I have it planned into my longest drive which happens to be around noon.

By the way, I wouldn't care to be trimming or riding with you after a night with those beans and sausage;)

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
We mow about 4 lawns and then go out to breakfast at a sit down resturant. MowEd knows where it is and can varify it is good food and plenty of it. We have found that the food is much better there than a fast food place and about the same price. It's rediculas how much the fast food places cost to eat now and all that grease isn't to good for you.


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Flint, Michigan
Eric, It sounds like you're like I am. I don't usually get an appetite until around mid morning. My only problem is when I go without eating, I REALLY get run down. I don't expect my equipment to run without fuel, so I SURE don't expect my body to either.