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    Not exactly part of this topic, but.....

    I know what you mean... This winter season we installed a coffee/soup/hot choc. machine and had it vend at no charge so our workers could just get it free while they were here. It ended up being considerably cheaper than bringing it in for them in an effort to be nice. Now they come and go to get what they need. Even with them filling up the thermos with coffee (one cup at a time) it was cheaper for us. And, now some of them take soup instead.

    Come April 1st we'll change it over to 25 cents per cup (their suggestion). It'll still cost us, but the PR is great.

    And, 100% deductable.

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    John -

    The coffee machines all have a hot water tap for making tea or hot chocolate. Because we have the wholesale nursery, I also let customers take what the want for beverages from the kitchen, as a courtesy. In the shop, we have a commercial ice maker, so our crews can fill up in the morning. We use the ice to stock one of those can shaped coolers, which is set up next to the sales counter. This way, if customers want to get picky, and have a soda or snapple, they pay at the register, or put it on their account. In addition, one of the coffee makers is set up to fill the pump top coffee decanters you might see at gas station coffee stops. This way, during storms the stuff stays piping hot and delicious all night long. I don't think I'll be charging for the coffee, but I might put a toilet paper vending machine in the bathroom.......

    In relation to this thread, all of the expenses relating to the above actions get written off and are fully justified.
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    hey theleven, thats a great idea i just got my visa check card and now i'm gunna use it on any tihng that i could for the business, like lunches and stuff like that, great idea.

    lsnursery, for the past 2 years i bought my crew lunches everyday and i quick doing that in september, i found out that i was costing myself more money than i needed to and i seen more profit for myself. i told them this year that they will buy their own lunch or that most of the time we will pack and eat in the truck, and that i will give them a bonus at the end of the year but i didn't say how much just so they can't complain when that time comes.
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    Three years ago we got a used ice machine. Let the guys use it all the time, including if they had a party at home. Then the machine broke. Thought they were going to riot !! Had to buy a brand new one to keep 'em all happy. Never know what they really want....

    Now, I promise not to go off topic again...
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    I just talked to my CPA about that. She told me to go ahead and pay for some meals. She said just dont have 10,000 worth of meals in a year and show a loss in the business.
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    I have heard that you can claim a $25 per week for a meal that you "forgot" to get the receipt for. This can add up to a $650 a year write off.
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    There are definite rules in IRS publications for employee meals and travel meals. In general you can expense employee meals if it is for the convenience of the employer. If you are supplying meals merely as an employee benefit, you must calculate this as employee pay if you wish to claim it as business expense, and the employee has taxes withheld for this benefit.

    For travel expenses, you generally must be away overnight to claim a food expense during travel. Entertainment expenses also have specific rules.

    You will need Acrobat Reader to view these documents -

    For employee benefits, see Publication 15-B:

    For travel and entertainment, see Publication 463 -

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