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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pcnservices, Dec 11, 2003.

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    Hey guys, hope you are not working too hard scooping snow.
    Do any of you guys have gift vouchers available? I have'nt tried it myself but, I think these will make nice christmas gifts (stocking stuffers) or birthday gifts and it is popular amongst children buying it for their parents.
    I'm not talking about teens buying it, but the middle aged son or daughter who is out of town or out of state and have old aged parents in your home town in need of lawn service.
    I do snow removal for elderly people here and they got the service as a gift from their children up in MI.
    Do you think this is something that can work? We are getting in such a rut with the way we lure people to buy our services. I don't believe in discounting at all.

    However, what's your thoughts and ideas on this and the many other "never-thought-of" brilliant ideas of luring people to buy your service?

    Hope to hear from you all
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    Hi Pcnservices,

    Sounds like a great idea. How would your gift vouchers work? How would you promote them?

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