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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slt40, Feb 28, 2005.

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    My competition is putting me to shame, my tall fescue is still trying to break dormancy. I've thrown every thing lesco sells at them except paint. Only thing I can figure is they put in some high quality rye grass in their overseeds last fall. I done 2 winterizers on most. Any ideas???
  2. Vaughan's Lawns

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    How was your color going into winter? If it was way off then it has gone dormant. Also look at your "K" levels in your soil. Check your pH.
    What we have been doing as a Late November December app. is using a A.S. nitrogen such as Lesco 21-0-0. Excellent N. The 2 winterizers, did they have much slow. When the soil get cold that N will not release. Look at less ppscu for late fall, winter months. Also work more K into you late fall program to help with hardyness. Mike
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    you may find that with this temp we have been having they may of put down some heavy nitro like 46-0-0
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    Vaughan about said it all there. We have had a lot of ran the last few seasons here in NC. Therefore, take a strong look at your pH levels in the soil. Yeah, I know - I know.... NC is historically home to acidic soils in need of lime.... but I'm willing to bet that you find your soils are alkaline.... pH too high. You can throw everything lesco sells at them except paint, and still get little to no response. For that you need a good old plain ammonium sulfate form of nitrogen.... 21-0-0.

    Another portion of this is to take a good look at what kind of selections you are making for your clients. What I mean is that I highly doubt your competition is overseeding fescue with rye. That's a bad cultural practice in my opinion. What I'm willing to be is that your competition is making their application selections based on individual soil testing results.... and there is a high possibility that they are doing a better job of selecting better quality varieties and blends of turf grass seed for fall overseeding.

    What I mean is you can't take over an established Pennington Seed Kentucky 31 fescue lawn in the spring, follow the Lesco recommended app program, overseed with cheap Lesco seed and then expect a vibrant winter color that's equal to your competitors, if they started out with a quality turf type tall fescue lawn in good shape, soil tested and selected perfect apps, overseeded with more quality turf type tall fescue....

    I'm not trying to put down any of your practices here. I'm just telling you to be honest with yourself.... and to also not be so hard on yourself, because you may have not even had all that great of a starting place on these accounts to begin with.

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