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LV Lighting

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JimLewis, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. JimLewis

    JimLewis LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,854

    Hey, for those of you who do a lot of LV lighting, I am wondering if any of you have experience using products made by Lightcraft Lighting Inc.

    I usually use Unique Transformers. They're the best. And I use their hubs too. I like the hub system. But for fixtures, I often use FX because they're a little less expensive, good quality, and my supplier keeps almost all of their fixtures in stock.

    But I recently got a fax from Lightcraft and their prices are impressive. Even their prices on wiring are a good 50% less than what I pay. It's tempting to switch. I'd definitely make a lot more money per fixture and be able to offer more competitive prices too if I switched. But I don't want to switch if their quality is not comparative to the other brands like Unique, FX, and Vista.

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