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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by DonnaL, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. DonnaL

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    I have been searching on this forum and there seem to be lots of knowledgeable people so I really hope someone can help. I was mowing with my LX188 and turned it off for a few minutes and when I went back to mow again, it would not start. My husband checked it and he found it had no spark.

    The mower has a 17 HP water cooled Kawasaki engine. It has new spark plugs and one new coil that were installed about a month ago. It also has a new igniter. Still no spark. Can someone please help figure this out.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. jkason

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    Check the in-line fuse on the wiring harness. Might be blown.
  3. DonnaL

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    from AL
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    There is no inline fuse.

  4. Restrorob

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    The ignition system on this unit is some what complex to other units, This system requires battery voltage to be applied to the ignition coils for initial start up then once running the voltage is dropped via a ignition relay and the magneto system takes over.

    If your Husband has a automotive type test light or multimeter he can check to see that this battery voltage is reaching the ignition coils for start up.

    Follow the red wire outlined below checking the fuse first (it could be on the circuit board with the relay) then for voltage tracing to the ignition coils. You should be able to touch the ignition relay and feel it click when the ignition switch it turned to the run position.

    Give that a try and see what the outcome is.....


    Good Luck
  5. rjxj

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    He should first do a visual inspection. I would disconnect the battery and check all the connectors for dirt and corrosion. There are several connections in the system. It looks like the ignition is powered up all the time. It looks like it would have to be powered up to keep the fuel solenoid powered. It looks like its powered up if the park brake is on and the pto is off. Its also powered up if your on the seat. Not only does it need power to the coils but 12 volts also go to the igniter at x7. It also needs a ground to the exciter and the pulsers have to be good.. You need to "pin" it out with the proper tools as Restro says. You should have a negative from the harness at the ignition module (blk/wht). You should have a positive at the ignition module (yel/wht). You should have continuity in the wires going from the ignition module to the coils. The engine harness also goes to the pulser coils. You could have problems with those connectors or the pulsers. You need the test specs for those. The tips in the relay could be worn and burned. They can give intermittent problems. In the end if you have all the inputs, you could have a bad module or pulsers. I know its new, but if it was powered up (positive) without a ground it could have blown. ????????? Before installing the module you would want to disconnect the battery and be sure all the connectors and circuits are good. Electrical components can be touchy. Some have to be installed properly or damage can be done.
  6. DonnaL

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    Restro and Rjxj, thanks for the wiring diagram and further suggestions, there is a 15 amp fuse on the circuit board that was the first thing he checked. It is good.
    After looking over your replies, he decided to take the mower to a friend of his that works on small engines. I will let you know what we find. I really like this mower and I hope we get it going again real soon. Thanks again.


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