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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sir mowsalot, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Sir mowsalot

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    I posted quite awhile ago about me getting lyme disease and having to give up alot of customers cause i just couldnt do it.

    Well, things are getting better and im hoping in the spring to go full throttle again, at least i hope so. I still have alot more healing to go, but things are much better. You guys make sure to check yourselves every evening this year for ticks once you get done for the day, cause you dont want this crap. I happened to get injected with alot more toxins than normal, seems that the tick that bit me was loaded with the disease.

    Right now Im at around $800 a month for medication, doctor visits, and blood work. Its a ton of money but it has to be done. Hopefully i want ever get bit again.
  2. 1MajorTom

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    wow,that's some scary stuff. sorry to hear that. I don't think people think about this enough, but hearing your story, hopefully we can all remember to look out for ticks.
  3. Allure

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    i hope it is ok to post this link. we need all the signatures we can get.

    Sir mows alot, i feel your pain. I have had Lyme disease for at least 2 1/2 years. I took the threat to lightly. Never again.

    My doctors husband died of complications from Lyme & my doctor has it as well. All 3 of her kids were born with it. Yes a mother can pass it to a fetus.
    Hello Everyone,
    I know you are all very busy, but i would like for you to do me a favor and sign the petition below.

    It seems our government has once again put the insurance industry's needs before the needs of patients they serve. New guidelines for the diagnosis & treatment of Lyme Disease recently released recommend severely limited courses of antibiotic treatment when either a rash or a positive test are present. the bulls-eye rash is not present in all patients (including myself) & the test they refer to has a 30% failure rate.

    As someone who became infected with Lyme Disease & never developed the tell tale rash & who falsely tested negative the 1st time (significantly delaying treatment), i find these restrictive guidelines appalling. the only ones who benefit are the insurance companies.

    I spent more than 19 months on antibiotics at a cost of approximately $20000. Thankfully my insurance covered most of that. Under the new guidelines I would be eligible for 3 to 4 weeks of covered treatment at a cost to my ins. co. of about $550. The rest would be out of pocket.
    Thank You so much for your time.

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  4. Sir mowsalot

    Sir mowsalot LawnSite Senior Member
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    So how are you now? Are you taking anything or have you beaten it? I hear you about your doctors kids getting it, im really afraid for my little girl of having it.

    I got it in May, and i have no idea how long i will have to be treated. I have also learned about the bull crap involved with this disease concerning the govt's roll. I was twice tested negatively not realizing that the tests were so unaccurate and never intended to be used as a test, but i persisted cause i knew i had it no matter what the tests said.
  5. Ed Ryder

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    Lyme disease is a horrible thing and a great risk for people like us who work outdoors.

    I'd like to hear about others who have experienced the agony of lyme disease. How did it impact your business? What were the consequences for you?

    Everybody who works outdoors, especially in areas prone to this scourge, should take notice about this serious threat to our ability to live healthy, happy, normal lives.

    From everything I've read, lyme disease can either be not so bad, or it can ruin you, depending partly on how quickly treatment begins.
  6. Allure

    Allure LawnSite Senior Member
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    Two months ago i thought i was cured. my doctor finally took me off prescription antibiotics 11/7. i continued to take 'cats claw' (a natural antibiotic) up until two days ago. i have been experiencing some relatively mild symptoms on and off since thanksgiving.

    how did it affect work?
    This was my first year of doing design & landscape installations part time(looking to make a career change). in feb of '06 i had to drop out of a design class at rutgers because things got so bad. I was so sick i actually became so depressed that i was suicidal. I rebounded & ended up working part time at a wholesale nursery that one of my teachers owns. In july i had to stop that because i started getting bad again.

    now I try to use my down time to further my education. If i am sick i'm reading or taking a class/seminar. if i am healthy i am out sharpening my skills in my landscape or someone else's.

    Early treatment is the key to beating this.

    The most important things you can do to help your recovery in my experience are:

    1. proper diet (my doctor recommended 'the PH miracle' it's a book about eating a more alkaline diet) this helped immeasurably but it takes discipline - strengthens immune system

    2. get as much sleep as you can - strengthens immune system

    3. avoid stress as best you can - weakens immune system

    4. reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet (especially refined sugars) I wish i knew earlier on that bacteria feeds on sugar. i would have been more disciplined in the early stages.

    5. exercise regularly. it does not have to be strenuous to have benefits. - strengthens immune system

    6. be happy. not to sound corny. (i can tell you that my unhappy marriage has slowed my recovery). - strengthens immune system

    7. i would find a great chiropractor. sorry i already have the best on the planet. we do preventative maintenance on our vehicles & equipment but we neglect to do it for our bodies. just my .02c

    8. prevention - i use deep woods off or cutter whenever there is a chance of exposure. You can also by permethrin & treat your clothes with it. it will last a couple weeks even with washing. It kills them on contact. 'off' is only a repellent.

    I discovered yoga in october of '05 & it helped my recovery so much. I got exercise, relieved stress, slept better, had better digestion, was happier because of it.

    i know a great doctor who specializes in treating people with Lyme disease. people drive two hours or more to see her because there are few doctors who understand the seriousness of this disease. Pm me if you want the name.

    Two final points. I share these tips because they worked for me. I am not a doctor & i am not trying to give anyone medical advice. See a qualified doctor if you have or suspect you have Lyme disease.

    I share these deeply personal stories because i have been through hell with this disease, all the while knowing it could have been a whole lot worse. I want to help others get through this faster & with less problems. Lyme symptoms mimic more than 300 other diseases which is one of the reasons it is often misdiagnosed. If you test negative & your symptoms don't go away insist your doctor runs a more thorough test (they are available) or find a specialist.

    Best of luck
  7. Sir mowsalot

    Sir mowsalot LawnSite Senior Member
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    Awesome post! I started my treatment about 5 weeks after getting it. I thought i had the flu which just wouldnt go away. Right now im seeing a lyme specialist, cause the regular doctors have a biased against this disease which i still dont understand but its like running into a brick wall talking about it to them, they just refuse to beleive it.

    My sypmtoms started like this, heart beating real fast, i got bad muscle tension, twitches all over my body, extreme fatigue, weakness, buzzing in my head, in fact at one point i was so weak i could hardly lift my arm to scratch an itch on my face, not exaggerating, uptightness, bad pain in my neck.

    Allure, where can i get the *permethrin* you mentioned?
  8. Roger

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    Best wishes to you who have are afffected by Lyme's. None of you speak about early symptoms, detection and initial diagnosis. Maybe you can share something about the circumstances that surrounded the initial detection, that is, what are early signs, what to look for, etc.

    About 16-18 years ago, I knew a woman who had been to Connecticut on a weekend trip (most time near/in wooded areas). During the trip, she contracted Lyme's from ticks that weekend. However, the problem was detection. Apparently great strides have been made in recent years to detect Lyme's at early stages. In the case of this woman, she struggled for a long time with many different medical teams, unsure of her problem. Frankly, at this point, I do not recall the symptoms that caused her to seek help. But, the final diagnosis was a long time (8 months?) after starting the investigation. Only then could remedies be started. But, in those years, most remedies were experimental, with many hit/miss kinds of paths. For this woman, the problem was a life-changing event, and the effects linger to this day.

    None of you speak about difficulty in detection, so perhaps the disease was properly diagnosed quickly. That is good, and I think treatments are much better now than 15 years ago.
  9. Sir mowsalot

    Sir mowsalot LawnSite Senior Member
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    treatment are better now than 15 years IF you go to a lyme literate doctor. Regular doctors have a bias against this disease and most likely will hurt you than help you because they have a huge resistance to admitting to how bad this disease is. I was told by my doctor that i simply had depression and anxiety issues, CAN YOU BELEIVE THAT, and he resisted at any mention about lymes. NOPE you dont have it he said, "u were tested andit was negeative". Well, he never told me how inaccurate the tests were, though he knew it.

    MY early sympons were headache, flu like symptoms, i thought i had the flu, it felt exactly like it. It would go away, then come back, then go away, and then come back again.

    BTW if you do happen to find a tick on you, dont throw it away. Tape it to an index card with the date, and area you removed it from, that way if you would happen to get the lyme, the doctor can run tests on the tick, and it will help you. DONT play around, if you have any kind of tick on you pay attention to yourself the next several days even if you dont have a bulls eyes rash, and if you feel sick or anything out of the ordinary go get help. If they give you a test and it comes back negative, and you still feel like crap go immediatley to a lyme literate doctor and pay the money it is gonna cost you cause they are the only ones who know what to do properly. If you wait for treatment you are gonna be in a bad way. This stuff is constantly multiplying inside of you at a rapid rate.
  10. Allens LawnCare

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    I had lyme this past spring, I was always tired and I had leather tougne, I mean it was so dry I couldn't even wet it with a gallon of water. Always thirsty, I was drinking 3 gallons of water a day.....Thought I was just getting in shape.....Then I noticed a red spot on my thigh, looked like someone hit me with a baseball bat. Sure enough the middle turned white and the outside stayed red....."THE BULLSEYE" as they call it. Its weird though I thought once you have it you always have it. The wanted to put me on some strange meds but told me I couldn't be in direct sunlight....which possed a big problem, I climb telephone poles for a living and on my 3 days off I do Lawncare. Amoxicillin was the cure....Odd.....I had to take a ton of them but I feel fine now.......Good Luck with it.

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