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    After minimal time on this forum the past 8 months, and so much change since 1988, it seemed worth re-introducing myself again. Especially with so many new members joining each month.

    In 1980, I began with golf courses and turf management. Attending college part time for landscape and tree in 1981. With trees and pruning being my favorite. In 1988, I started business as a pruning specialist, later adding landscape design, and some landscape installation.

    Main website is Landscaping and Tree Care by M. D. Vaden

    As of 2012, I do pruning, landscaping, design plans, and frequent 1 and 2 hour on-site consultations (especially drainage related). The past few years, I've taken up photography, and seen print sales of forest and tree photos, including a popular Croscosmia shot. October 2011 to August 2012, I've been practicing portraiture, networking with men and women who need shots for the first rung of modeling. And in 2013, I'm thinking of adding a small facet to business, for paid photography: singles, couples, high school seniors, etc.. (no weddings). And winter 2012, I began offering service as a redwood guide for the coast redwoods of northern California. The visitors who contacted me have been from places like South Africa, Germany, Washington D.C., etc.. All over the globe. So that's the evolution, and where I'm at for now. Including a couple of world record tree discoveries, with more adventures on the way.







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    Nice pictures thanks for posting.....several of your links don't work except the one with gallery.
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    Should work now.

    I know that Lewis Landscape who uses this site, has his website on the same server as mine, and I could not get through to either for at least an hour today. Seems to have cleared up.

    Here's more along the line of tree discovery. A Sitka spruce I nominated in Oregon in 2011. Did not beat the champion tree, but made for a fine day for the crew to come out. Apparently it had voles in it, which is not common for that area. The climbers were Ascending the Giants.





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