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ma dump sites

mulcahy mowing

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hey guys i need a place to dump leaves and such fall clean up stuff i pick up off lawns ware should i go? who takes'em?:)


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Talk to your local mulch/compost companies. Many of them will take ground leaves. Otherwise try the local landfill.


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This varies from location to location, it's different for everybody and this might be a question your equipment dealer can answer should you not know anyone else to ask (I ask my dealer a few from time to time, he usually has an answer).

In my county there is both a residential AND a commercial dump and I can NOT take commercially-attained leaves to the residential dump because if they catch me, it's all over but the crying... Meanwhile the commercial dump charges a 40-dollar MINIMUM to get through the gate and it depends on how much stuff I got. Even if I COULD take it to the residential dump, it's an 8-dollar fee.

Then I see some guys here are able to take it to their local landfill all day long and it's no fee... Others (like me) use my own 1-acre lot but an acre isn't THAT big so I am none too keen on hauling in the first place:

- I ALWAYS do my utmost to see if I can leave the leaves somewhere on THEIR property such as in a back wooded area and I get pretty creative but yes there are some where this is not possible.
- The CITY where I live hauls leaves for free but the county does not, check and see if any of your localities do this, all I do in the City is push the leaves to the curb into a pile, it's great.
- Also we have a lady here has a leaf-truck and ALL she does is pick up piles for cash (Like what we do, she does nothing but haul leaves but it's not free lol)... Unfortunately I haven't found many customers who are willing to pay both of us but the stupid thing is it ends up costing JUST as much if *I* haul them... Go figure...

So, creativity counts :)

p.s.: Back in my first year I did *NO* hauling... I am still tempted to do this but then I always lose some regular grass customers this way and that bugs me...


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dude--look east toward cape cod. they are very liberal folks and cry out for renewable enegy. and those leaves produce valuable, recoverable methane when they decay.

just don't try to put a wind mill in cape cod.