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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by TAF, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. TAF

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    I have a mac 110 chainsaw that I am trying to repair. It belongs to the rancher whose land I deer and bird hunt on, he loves it and I'd like to get it working for him. If it were mine I'd toss it and buy something newer.

    None the less I have disassembled it and installed new plug, new points, condenser and a known good coil.

    Still no spark ? I have the following questions if anyone can answer them I'd be grateful.

    1.) There are 3 areas on the flywheel that look to be magnets. The 2 smaller have magnetism the larger does not. Is the larger supposed to ?

    2.) How do I know that the "kill" switch is not "off" can I jumper or bypass it ?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. BigFish

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    1. If the larger slug is 180* opposite from the magnets, then it is just a counterweight.

    2. You should be able to disconnect the kill switch wire at the coil. Isolate the kill switch and test it for continuity/open.

    Did you wipe the points clean before ya installed them? Is the point gap right on the money? The coil leg/s gap right on?
  3. TAF

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    from Wa
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    I have made sure the points are clean, double checked point and coil to flywheel gap as well as disconnecting the kill switch. Still no spark? Are there any electrical readings I can test with an ohm meter? There is not much to this thing, but it still has me stumped? I bought the "used" to be "good' coil off ebay and have no way to verify it does work. Any thing I can check with the flywheel? This saw did run till it lost spark, my friend thought it was the coil but had no way to verify. ANY advise is appreciated.

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