Mac 3200 Chainsaw- dies in 10 sec.??

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mowisme, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. mowisme

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    Ok..Got a mint McCulloch 'Mac 3200' saw. Betting less than 2 hours use. But, I can see why! I replaced fuel lines- I replaced Spark plug- I replaced the filter in tank- I cleaned carb twice. The diaphrams/gaskets in carb look new. I am baffled on why it runs like no tomorrow for 5-10 seconds then goes down to idle..then dies? Appears it is running out of gas? Tried the H/L set screws at numerous settings starting at 1 1/8 turns out. It was running slightly longer when I took it out on job sight last week..but not good enough to use. I also removed spark screen- no help. ANY IDEAS? I'm loosing my sanity on this thing! 5lb Hammer is next in line to try. Thanks- Geno Getting a cheap Poulan 'wild thing' tomorrow- This a 'throw away saw'?
  2. Joe McMo

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    OIL MIXTURE TOO LEAN? try Amsoil synthetic 2 srtoke oil !
  3. mowermankevin

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    I have 2 of these saws, and both did exactly what your saying. The first one I got a guy gave it to me and said this saw doesn't cut worth a darn, it was in the back of his pickup and when I looked at it, I said nothing wrong with this saw, the chain is on backwards, he said too late I already bought another, and a Mac at that! I tried all the same things as you and ended up switching carbs to one that didn't have a primer bulb line, so every time I'd start it the first use I'd pull the top cover and air filter and give it a little shot of starting fluid and prime it to start it would run and start the rest of the day. I'm going to take the carb off the 2'nd one that came in and switch it back to the first saw to see if it makes a difference and make a parts saw out of the 2'nd. All I can say is it is a carb,fuel line,primer bulb problem and I worked on it for hours ( the 5 pound hammer idea sounded good) but this also was a brand new saw (5 years ago) and I've used the B-jesus out of it ever since. A word of notice on the new Poulans, they have added a spring to the outside of the recoil spool on the new saws and it stinks, Both of the new saws came to me with busted recoil ropes,so I modified the spools back to the old style and got rid of that new spring, make sure you try the new saw before you by it, you won't like what they have done to the new recoils.I love those old Poulans, but the new ones are a guaranteed shop work order with the new recoil set-up
  4. mowisme

    mowisme LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks on input guys..I noticed the carb on Mac says 'China' guess not a real quality carb. I worked on a Husky blower for a guy..his carb was a 'Walbro'. Looked real close..wish Mac had that carb. The 'Poulan wild thing' saw is a used unit ($20) so guess worth it if it only last a couple times. I imagine at that price it is at least few years old so maybe was made before that recoil spring problem? I'm begining to think it might be better than the Mac? Geno
  5. lubricity

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    mac has been known for years to be a "DISPOSABLE" saw.
  6. Phil G

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    Hi, seems you've checked out all the usual suspects. Guess it's time to look further inside. Can you check out the piston/cylinder? Just remove either the carb or exhaust and look inside, should be nice and smooth.
    One thing that I've been guilty of over looking in the past is to check there are no kinks in the fuel line between the carb and the tank. It's easy to pull the pipe out a bit when removing the card. Then when it's refitted it produces a kink.

    My personal recommendation is a 10lb hammer as this can have better and quicker results :)

  7. mike r

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    Jo mcmo is right, ALSO make darn sure that the mix you mix is FRESH, and is shaken thoroghly, (pump octane 91), at the pump were you mix it, and also BEFORE you fill the saw up. do not mix more of this fuel than you need. 30 days maximum storage!
    pump octane 91 this the real core problem because of the price of it, no one wants it,but the higher the octane in these 2 strokes the better. remember FRESH.
    another note worth mentioning, plastic cans and funnels are a must, because your ordinary metal safety cans have been known to collect condensation (water) keep the funnel clean, carefully wipe away the sawdust form the filler cap before opening it.
    and also wipe your hands and dust yourself off, sounds a bit extreme, but the truth is it happened to me, and trust me on this, for as small a mesh in the pick up body (fuel filter)
    this dust can and will pass through it.
    good luck.

  8. mowisme

    mowisme LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks again..I am sure line is not kinked. I will get some amsoil 2-cycle and some 91 octane today. I was using silver streak or something like that. Any recomendations on ratio? I have no manual..and nothing that I can see on saw? I think I was using 50:1- but not sure at this point. Geno
  9. mowermankevin

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    I used to live upriver @ the Red Wing/ Prescott area, farmed in Ellsworth, Beldenville area and went up and down the Mississippi and St. Croix on the Souix boat delivering coal to the power plants, Fitchburg looks like a nice place to get out of this typical summer hell called summertime in Texas. Just wanted to set you straight on a couple of things, first Walbro and Zama are the only carbs and (sorry to say they have been Chinese for a lot of years) Doesn't matter what price or brand you buy the carbs still need the same treatment, no old fuel, keep'em super clean and buy a blowgun for your air compressor to get the crap off of 'em every day. Next the problem with recoils is on the Poulans,not the Mac's, the new spring is attached to the outside cog/pawl side of the spool and my bude (who has done landscape since birth couldn't start the S.O.B., so I tried the old drop and pull the rope method), and it snapped back so fast I knew this was a bad (improvement!!??) idea except to repair shops. I don't need the work, so don't buy the saw in a box, try it B-4 you buy it. C'ya K (Go Green Bay)
  10. Phil G

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    I think this should be 40 to one ie, 1 gallon gas to 3.2 oz. 2-cycle oil

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