Machine to Till Corners


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Thats a good point. Could take two off and just use one side. That would give about a 4inch wide swath.
Changing which way the teeth face affects it too
I read the instructions and tried a frw different ways


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My intial plan was to get the Kombi system. I told my dealer what I was using it for but she said it wouldn't have enough power. Thanks for advice I think I'm gonna go forward with it. My next question is should I go with the Kombi or the Echo version? My dealer said the Echo is better but she might just be making more money on that unit.

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I went with the km131. It is the most powerful power head stihl offers. I have never found it lacking in power. It has more power than i have to hang onto it sometimes. I'd highly recommend it.

I cant speak to the echo.

Fyi the power broom paddles and tiller tines are interchangeable. No need to buy two full attachments. I bought the power broom attachment and then picked up the tines separately. Saves money going this route.