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MacKissic replies about the Johnson Big Wheel

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Paul in Maryland, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. Paul in Maryland

    Paul in Maryland LawnSite Member
    Messages: 46

    (Oops! I meant to post this as a reply to my 24-inch mower thread. I've now posted it there, too; please reply on that thread, not here. --Paul)

    I had written to MacKissic with some questions about the Johnson Big Wheel. Here's their reply:
    "We acquired the Johnson Big Wheel® Co. in 2000 from Lee Johnson in Ridgeland, MS. Lee was one of the developers of the original Yazoo mower and used this experience to develop the Johnson Big Wheel®. The key to the durability of the Johnson Big Wheel® is the one inch, all welded, steel tubular frame that completely surrounds the mower instead of a bolt together frame or using the deck to bolt to. The Johnson Big Wheel® also has a blade support welded into the frame for maximum strength, it relies on the deck for no support at all. Other features on the 24” push mower include, recessed all welded T-type handles for easier trimming, 20 “’ pneumatic tires, four position height adjustment by simply moving to other attachment holes. The standard mulching blade fits our d-hole shaft and attaches with a nut & lock washer, our deck is 12 gauge and is perfectly round, it mulches great with the mulching baffle, the self propelled mechanism does not prevent free wheeling when pushing if not engaged, the blade brake on all models excluding the 26SP is provided by the S-2 braking system on the engine. The recessed front wheels do provide better access for front trimming. You will not find a better-constructed mower in the industry today. Our manuals are not available electronically at this time."

    Blade brake clutch, perfect-circle deck, inset wheels, simple height adjustment, a push-friendly self-propelled drive--all points in the Johnson's favor. No one said my choice would be easy!

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