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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by Envy Lawn Service, Jul 27, 2003.

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    OK, what happened to the stripping kit threads? I have recieved e-mails about replies to two different threads. When I click the e-mail link all I get for both is that "no access" page. Then I search for them w/ the exact title and get nothing.

    Here are the two threads I'm talking about....

    *REPOST! Striping Roller- How to build w/Pics*
    Very good thread, very helpfull and ful of info, where is it?

    *Reply to poll:chain or roller? from Turflex*
    Good thread of infomation. Also was getting interesting w/ the fact that some pictures were stolen for use on the Turflex site.

    What the heck is going on here? Where did they go and WHY??? :angry:
  2. DLS1

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    I didn't read the posts but you got me curious about the Turflex chain system so I checked out the site. $235 for chains and a metal rod is expensive. I have seen pictures where people have made it with wood and chains and looks basically like the same setup and I am sure it was made for a lot cheaper than $235.

    I imagine the thread was deleted due to the picture allegations against a sponsor.

    You want to fill us in about the alleged stolen pictures.
  3. GLAN

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  4. GLAN

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  5. Buckeye1

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    I think I am partially to blame for the Turflex thread being deleted.

    The problem was, after a few posts from people arguing the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of chains and rollers, the thread took a different direction.

    Someone (Greenquest maybe??) called Turflex out on a stripe picture they stole from him and used it on there website to advertise their chain kit. The problem was 1) they obviously stole the picture from a fellow member, and 2) the stripes were done using a roller, not a chain kit.

    Turflex did fess up to stealing the picture, but tried to defend their position by saying their specialty was making chain kits and not advertising. They also tried to clear the air by offering a free kit to the member they stole the picture from. After Turflex took a few lumps from some members, a moderater stepped in to get the thread back on the original subject and (IMO) deflect the heat turflex was taking. I felt it was not the moderators place to try to deflect this “heat”…so I too replied to the post.

    I replied with a response criticizing Turflex because they new what they did was wrong when they did it. If they did not believe it was wrong to use someone’s pics, why would they take the time to mirror reverse the picture?? Furthermore they misrepresented their product by using a pic of stripes created by a roller, not a chain kit like they sell.

    I also added a smart azz response about changing my mind if I received a free striping kit and money for my website(which I don’t really have).

    A moderator didn’t like my post and ultimately bailed Turflex (a sponsor) out by deleting the thread.
  6. GLAN

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    LOL and all this while someone took text word for word from someones site for theirs..................

    Damn people can be real lazy
  7. Runner

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    Wow! I REALLY missed all that. I had posted on that thread, too.
  8. hunter

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    I read this thread myself and it was going to be very helpful when building a stipe kit for your self.

    If this is correct that they deleted this thread because a sponsor was getting their lumps, sorry to hear they support the sponsors more than the truth. They could have very easily deleted the replies in question instead of the entire topic. Just goes to show they, lawsite, si more concerned about profit then their guest.

    there are more forums like ************and that don't mind the truth beiing told.


    I see *********gets edited. Don't like competition, I guess.

    Let's see how long before this thread get deleted.
  9. DLS1

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    Hey Hunter, all forum sites that I know about get edited by administrators or owners. Everything is regulated in real life so why not a forum on the web.

    In defense of this site (Sean), this is a money making business or trying to be a money maker just like your your business. If you didn't regulate a site you can get a few people run everyone off with inappropriate comments and general bad behavior.

    I can see their is fine line between regulating what is said about a sponsor and the forum members. Their wouldn't be one without the other like a symbiotic relationship.
  10. hunter

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    Dean -

    If you had read what I said is that they could have deleted just the replies that offended them not the entire topic.

    they have taken very good info available to all and removed it to their satifaction for one sponsor. If it wasn't for the guest here that take the time to read and contribute they wouldn't have sponsors.

    Both run together and they, Sean, seem to forget this.

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