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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Avery, May 16, 2001.

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    :mad: I don't usually let things get to me. Scrubs etc. I can live with scince I do all commercial work. Today was different though. Got a call to meet the big cheese over a sub-division I am in the process of landscaping and also have the maintenance contract for. The landscaping is a HUGE project and is appx. 75% complete. There are numerous public areas/buildings in the project. We were given the maintenance contract two months ago by the developer. Several weeks ago a property management service took over the responsibility of maintenance for the homeowners association. Well the developer wants me to meet the guy in the a.m. Seems he (the property manager) is going to fire me. He has already awarded the contract to another service. We have had no complaints about our service. The place is kept in pristine condition. What makes this even stranger is that I do another subdivision for this management company. I have in place a signed 12 month contract for the maintenance. I still have 10 months to go on this contract. If not for the amount of landscaping I still have to do in the project or the fact that I do other work for the management service I would fight to the end. The developer stated today that "This doesn't upset you does it?" like losing over 2K a month is no big deal! Well I am through venting now. I will post how the meeting goes in the morning.
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    Thats commercial property for you...they come and they go... if you do not have a muti-year contract with them.

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