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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by spray guy, May 24, 2005.

  1. spray guy

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    I have a 35000 sq ft Bermuda lawn with approximatly 15-20 percent of it loaded with tall fescue in it. Any body out there that has used it get decent results. I used one ounce of product and sprayed approximatly 8-9k worth of Fescue.
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    For fescue, I tell the customers that it will die in the summer heat if it's in full sun, especially if they allow the bermuda lawn to go drought for a week or so. I also explain that if it survives the summer, we will knock it out in the winter with our winter app, which is atrazine.

    From what I've seen, atrazine if a applied heavily in the fescue spots, will kill it within a few weeks. Very good stuff.

    I tried Corsaire last year December and it was a complete waste of money. One customer, who had overseeded the year before but not this winter had fescue all over the lawn. So I bought a bottle of corsaire and sprayed the entire lawn twice. She ran out of patience and fired me 8 weeks later when nothing happened. I have heard that Corsaire works ok in warmer temperatures. Please post your summer results with Corsaire here...I'd like to see if it works or not.

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    Usually I wait until the Fescue is stressed from intense heat or when bermuda is dormant, before I make an application.. When stressed, I make a corsair application... When the bermuda is completely dormant, I use a roundup or simular glyphosate product..

    When conditions favor Fecue Corsair control isn't all that great.. When fescue is stressed, it's wonderful.
  4. spray guy

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    product called TFC-(Tall fescue control) is the same material that Corsair is. I remember useing TFC back in the mid 90s with good results. It makes sense that as the temps keep getting warmer that the corsaire will give you better results. I will post over the next two weeks what the results were.
  5. turfsurfer

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    Read the label. Corsair states that it is a slow working product and works best with 2 applications made 2 months apart.
  6. lilmarvin4064

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    anyone try Revolver, or know if it works any better? I think they are....

    chlorsulfuron (Corsair)
    foramsulfuron (Revolver)

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