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Made a small mistake


LawnSite Member
Chester, Va
This is my first year in business. I made the mistake of buying a toro timecutter z 16hp 42 inch cut ztr. It cuts good on a yard but if you put it against a lawn it struggles if that makes sense. If the grass is thick(not so much tall as thick) it leaves a strip down the center of the deck of uncut grass. The mower has the mulch kit on it and did it without the mulch kit. I was thinking possible just change the motor out for a bigger motor would help. I fthat would work what motor can I use the one on it is made by briggs and stratton but says made by briggs for toro. Kinda looks like the Intek motor but not really sure. Any help would be appreciated. Just thinkin I might be able to improve it for less than I would loose sellin it. And also I dont expect it to be as good as any commercial mower just want it to be able to cut grass


LawnSite Platinum Member
Bigger engine will not help. That is a homeowner type machine and the deck is crap. I believe Consumers Report magazine rated them near the bottom of their ratings when they tested them against other homeowner machines.
Dump it for whatever you can get, and shop around for a commercial quality machine. AND, do not buy anything you can not take out for a demo.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
We've always said, when getting into this, do NOT be fooled by the machines that are look-alikes for the convenience. You are far better off to go with a smaller walkbehind than one of these riders (for about the equivilent money). A commercial mower is a commercial mower - whether it's a walkbehind, a front deck, a Z, or a stander. These machines are built to cut grass all day - everyday. Even if you put a bigger engine on this unit, you would just shortly be blowing out the hydro motors and pumps from too much use, and of course, the spindles, bearings, and hardware would easily wear out, too. Sell this thing and get yourself a walkbehind (I say wb because of the price similarity) or some other piece of COMMERCIAL equipment. Don't fall in for one of these "mid-grade" machines, either. For instance, Exmark now makes a smaller unit like that. It may have the Exmark name on it, but this is NOT what you want. Also, Gravely, for instance sells their little 100 series. Again, good name, poor product (for commercial use).


LawnSite Silver Member
You realize that you made a mistake.. now don't make another. Take the money you would spend on a new motor plus whatever you can get for the Toro and buy a commercial machine. Get as much HP as you can afford... new or used.

Good luck.....


LawnSite Senior Member
Anderson, IN
Take it back to the dealer and tell them it sucks. See if they will give you your money back in trade for a new commerical unit.

If it doens't work as advertised you should be able to, or just hang around the store and let the customers know about your experience.