made a striping kit. easy cheap.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by milo, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. milo

    milo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i bought a fence pipe and had cut it to size and welded on 2 pieces of steel to each side so i can bolt it onto the mower.. then i drilled holes into the fence pipe and took a old hoosier soft tire and cut the sides off of it. then i cut it in half and folded it over and drilled holes into the tire so i can run bolts through the tire and fence pipe. that was it. i will try it out tomorrow to see if my getto strip kit works. it costs $8.00 to make so far. if it dont work no big deal, just had some free time tonight. but i think it will work. i cant wait till i try it tomorrow.. :waving: :drinkup:
  2. Nosmo

    Nosmo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Post some photos of it and the stripes if it works.
  3. milo

    milo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    hi people, my striping kit works great. it is really easy to make and it only costs $10.00 if you need more help on how to make it post it here. i was also thinking any kind of steel like a stop sign could be used instead of a fence pipe. just cut that to fit to rear of deck and then cut sides off a old tire, drill holes into tire and put bolts through your holes in the tries and bolt right up to your steel pipe or whatever and just make sure your tire will touch the ground and there you go. it does make a difference on my mower and is easy to do :waving:
  4. iluvscag

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    Mine cost 8.50 cents LOL. :)
  5. DaveRave07

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    Got any pics? Both of the striping kit and lawns you've mowed with it. For $10 it may be worth a shot.

  6. milo

    milo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    hi i will try to take some pics next week. yes for 10.00 it is worth trying and i am sure you can find a old tire anywhere. all you really need is somewhere to bolt the trie to that is why i used a fence pipe. you could even cut the sides off the tire, cut the tire in half so it lays flat and slice that down the middle and bolt both pieces up to the pipe. i folded the tire over so it looks like a tear drop but either way would work. and for 10.00 and 1 hour work it is worth it. i put mine on a yazoo that cuts awesome but would not leave strips at all. and not it strips really nicely. i will put pics on soon

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