Made a tailgate spring lift assist for $15.00

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by P. Nelson, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. P. Nelson

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    Over the years I've developed some minor back problems and have been trying to find a way of taking some strain off my back. I saw that tailgate springlift assists were available but for some pretty hi dollars. I wondered if a garage door spring and some cable would work to create the same effect. I went to Home depot and bought 1 Garage door spring, 3 foot of 3/8" cable , 4 -3/8" cable clamps, and 1 - 3" Garage door ball bearing pulley. I made a bracket to hold the pulley which is bolted to the very back of the right rail. The front of the spring is bolted towards the center of the right rail, the rear of the spring is connected to the cable. The other end of the cable slides through the pulley and bolts to an eyebolt (already had that, didn't include in price) which is bolted to my tailgate. I admit it took some time getting just the perfect amount of tension by using C-Clamps to position the spring and then folding the tailgate down and back up again and then loosen the C-clamp and reposition the spring but what a difference!! I only outfitted the right side I have a trimmer rack on the left side that would interfere with the spring. What a difference though, I can pickup my tailgate with one finger, very little back strain, and not much co$t.
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    Can you post a Pic of the lift? I hate picking up that trailer gate, seems to get worse every day.
  3. P. Nelson

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    Yeah I will. Try to get one out there in a couple of days. I've not posted pics before...will give it a shot.

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