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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Flow Control, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Flow Control

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    Can anyone name the irrigation components made in China:

    I believe

    Toro is making sprays in China now

    Hunter is making the Pro-C and mods

    Irrigation Direct is all made in China

    Anyone else know of any?
  2. BrandonV

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    i know the hunter acc's come from china too, they do put the stickers on here though as well as the decoder options

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    Like the avatar. WM SL I believe is coming from China.
  4. EagleLandscape

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    Yes, WM SL is coming from china, alot cheaper to mfg over there, but all of their heads and nozzles, etc. are made right here in garland, TX :)
  5. Keen

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    Hunter SRS sprays, Hunter PS sprays, Many others I am sure...

    The real question is does it matter?
  6. irrig8r

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    I thought Hunter SRS were made in Taiwan? At least they used to be.

    Bill Hayes of Irrigation Direct says his spray bodies when they come out will be made by a co-molding plant in Taiwan.

    Rain Bird had a weird little clock for a while called the HP that was made in France. Now they assemble a lot of stuff in Mexico. But I'll bet some of the electronic components are made in Asia.

    Anyway, why does it matter? And how do you find out?

    DO you consider it when making a purchasing decison? Or do you think your customers will?

    I thought that Rain Master and Superior controllers were US made, but I can't find any claim on their websites about that. Irritrol controllers used to be, but I have no idea about where they're made now.

    Maybe these companies don't make a point about it because they have different parts coming from different places, and like clothing companies, the source countries change now and then?
  7. irrig8r

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    Check this out. First, I guess I didn't realize Febco was part of Watts, but second, I know I've seen some Febco parts labeled as made in China. If you look at this you see they manufacture products on a global scale.
  8. irrig8r

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    From the Hunter site:

    About Hunter: Hunter Manufacturing

    Since the beginning, Hunter has prided itself on being one of the most vertically integrated manufacturers of irrigation products, with most components produced at the company’s state-of-the-art production facilities. In fact, much of the tooling, molding, manufacturing and assembly machinery is designed and built on-site by Hunter engineers.

    This approach has provided a tremendous advantage by enabling the company to maintain strict quality and cost control standards. This also has made Hunter the industry benchmark when it comes to what customers care about most: durability, reliability, value, and ease of service/installation.

    Today, Hunter operates manufacturing facilities in California, North Carolina, and Mexico, along with a network of international offices in Australia, England, France, Jordan, China, and Spain. Hunter Industries employs more than 1,100 people worldwide.
  9. irrig8r

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    BTW, did anyone else realize that Rain Master was bought by Toro?

    Toro buys Calif. company
    American City Business Journals | 85 days 16 hours 22 minutes ago
    Lawn and garden product maker Toro Co. said Friday it acquired Rain Master Irrigation Systems for an undisclosed sum.

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    Yeah I'm worried about that. I'm afraid Toro is going to ruin the best remote on the market the same way they did with the Eicon.

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