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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mak2, May 18, 2006.

  1. mak2

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    Besides Bobby g, my second exwife and taxes nothing really pixxes me off. Except people who I know make tons of money, have a $600k house, and willfully and intentionally rip someone off for $25.00. I have worked with this pond scum for about 10 years on my night job, I know she is approaching a cool $80k per year, her husband is in the same profession we are, and are so tight they squeek. She really ripped me off for a spring clean up which would have been about $75.00 instead of 25, but when I pick up a new customer I explain the spring cleanup will cost extra if the lawn is trashed from last year, but if I mow every week all year I charge the same as I chagre weekly. It was trashed but I offered if she would go with a year contract and fertilizer I would just charge $25.00 per week. Big house, small yard and I wanted to have my truck and signs in the neighborhood. Damn, I thoght it would be fun fixing up her lawn, it looked so bad it would be a big contrast and help me get business. The second week she called my wife while she knew I should be mowing her lawn and told her to tell me not to mow it, I think hoping to get a second free mow. I had been delayed on my second yard that day and was running late, good thing. Anyway she paid me for the fertilizer but said I did not mow. But I know she knows becasue my wife said seh told her for me not to mow it again, she could not afford it. Plus there was grass from last year that was very tall, I cleaned out weeds from tthe back yard adn edged part of the drive way. Very very obvious, she is not mistaken, she is just a rip off. Her neighbor actually talked to me about how messed up her lawn was etc so I would win in small claims court, but I really jsut want to remain pissed off. What would you guy do? Small claims court?
  2. topsites

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    I would do myself a great favor and take a pen and draw a line straight through that name on both my schedule and my regular customer file. It's fast, easy, and free!

    If you have a contract, it has been breached so it's no good anymore.
  3. Dirt Digger2

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    $25 in small claims court?...not worth it...its just some people got and keep their money by being dirt bags, and theres nothing you can do about it except treat them the same in return.

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    I don't often agree with Topsites but I like his advice here...

    Your mistake really, IF you want to offer a 'freebie' as incentive to get people to sign up, you don't offer the initial service for free. That's an open invitation to get hosed. Give something away down the road, like the 10th cut or whatever. Keep those customers honest.
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    That in a nutshell is why I rarely 'give' any such incentives, and I never do so without documentation, and I never work without a contract, and I always require the same pre-pay billing schedule to everyone. She wouldn't have gotten out with me without $100 up front, plus cancellation fees, and incentive recaptures. In other words a few hundred to go to court over.

    But in this case you can't go back.
    So knock yourself out and stay pizzed off!

    Also, do something else besides small claims for that one even if it is nothing.
    Look at it this way, it cost you a few bucks to never have to deal with that scum again.
  6. scagwildcat

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    do like my old partner did one time, we had a lady in a rich area not pay her bill. my ex-partner was the type that you really didnt want to rip off- he believes in payback, one night he calls me up. tells me hes coming to get me, and we needed to take a ride. so we drove by the house, told me to stop the car, and wait for him to come back, if i see cops just leave.. im like whats he thinking, is it worth it? well what he did was painted in the road, it said mrs so and so, do not pay their bills, they really cant afford this nice house they have, that soon will be forclosed on just like the new car they just bought !!! the next day i get a call from them yelling at me !!!! wtf here we go !! i said how do you know it was us ?? WELL, SHE SAYS, YOUR THE ONLY ONE I OWE MONEY TO !! i say you dont owe me money your account was paid in full last month!!!

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