Made some changes to my site..please review

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SprinklerGuy, Mar 9, 2005.

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    first off, what's your target demographic? if baby boomers and older are a large part of it, you might be making it more difficult for them to read your site. negative text, white on black, is a bad idea due to readability issues for that crowd.

    - your logo is in .jpg format, which is why it looks poor. all flat color work should be saved from the orignal as a .gif (don't just convert the .jpg to .gif). this will look nice and clear, as well as reduce the file size significantly.

    - do not force image sizes down through code use, as you did with the logo (another reason it looks fuzzy). resize the image in your editor to the exact size you want it to appear on your site.

    - on my high-res display (1400x1050), i'd never have found the links to your internal content without scrolling. a user on, say 800x600 would probably have to scroll 2 screen page lengths to find those key navigational links.

    - the flags are a bad idea. they aren't intuitive that they are for navigation. howabout something that tells the user "SSI for Arizona Customers" or some such.

    - get those links to the top.

    - your photos suffer from the same issue of the logo. don't force an image, through html code, to become a thumbnail. nothing worse than making a visitor wait for a 150k thumbnail to load. resize it, then make it a clickable link to a larger version so that they have a choice. the "andrewwilsonsod.jpg" image is a 1+mb thumbnail? seriously... :) that thumb could be 12k and look the same.

    if you have a dial-up connection, test your page to see how the majority will see it. if you don't, use someone's home connection that does.

    i don't have time for anything beyond that, but i'll check back when i do.

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    Thanks Tony...sorry I
    My target is not that set of people..we work mostly for 2 income families....35-45 years of fact, when we get a lead from the website we ask them some demographic type questions..funny, most of the people surfing the web to get leads are very young...under 35....old people don't use their computers?

    I'm not sure how to go about changing these pics etc...most of the install type pics are from years ago with a very old digi camera. I don't think I have the software to change these pics.

    I wish I knew how to change to logo to the transparent .gif.....any ideas..? that was my thought as well teewolf.

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    Sprinkler Guy, do you still have the files your designer supplied in vector format? I can convert them for you if you are in need of my services

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