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    i am looking for some ideas. i have been i bizz for 6 years ,we are at 8500.00 now. been there for about 1.5 years .2 man opperation i have had him for 2 years. <p>i am getting board ,i want to grow for acuple of reasons. the challange,and the oppertunity,and the profit.<br>do i have a lot of services to provide to the costomer,or keep it simple.<br>i would like some in put on how to put the grouth together , i heard when you go to more than 1 truck you have to go 3 or more because 2 trucks isnt profitable.
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    I'm tired of turning customers away. Want some of our work?????
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    Use your boring time to write a business plan and set the goals you want to achieve.<br>With growth, comes increased overhead, be perpared to handle it. Set a reasonable to moderate growth rate. 10-20% annun. Try to avoid the temtation to become the &quot;Boston Market&quot; of the Green Industy.
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    Grasscape, Got Any High End Residential or Large commerial accounts you want to unload in the Cincinnati OHio Area?

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