Made the scag decision....Cheetah or Turf Tiger?

Scag Cheetah or Turf Tiger?

  • Cheetah

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  • Turf Tiger

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For sure pulling the trigger on one of these next week. Got a great deal on either I choose, and both are the same price. Let me know what you all think....and feel free to post what engine you think I ought to go with, if you're familiar with them.


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Franklin MA
I have read a lot of good things on here about the big block briggs. I have never been a briggs fan but I hear they are good and are offered on both machines. Or the 31 kawi.....


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Cheetah, faster, softer ride, higher center of gravity. Turf Tiger 12 mph, ride is acceptable with the suspension seat which is usually standard, time tested design, one of the top ZTR's on slopes, simpler drive system, very low center of gravity. I am biased though, I am sure the Cheetah would be fine on fairly level ground.

Mike Blevins

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I would go with the old tried and true Turf Tiger myself. Just think if other companies would have stuck to the old tried and true and not screwed with anyhting. A few come to mind like the old ford 300 6 cylinders,the ford 302,the chevrolet 350, and the cummins second gen 5.9 diesels just to name a few things that seem to be alot better back then.

Ridin' Green

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I just passed on buying a new TT w/61" & 35 BB. I loved that machine, but there were a few things that I wanted that weren't avalaible on it. I also looked at the Cheetah w/61" & 32 BB. I didn't like how cramped the Cheetah feels in the cockpit. No place to move your feet really other than the small area they provide. The TT on the other hand has lots more foot room and just more room in general IMO. It has been around for LONG time and it is proven. The Cheetah is to new to know how it will stand the test of time.

I'd go with the 35 Vangaurd BB on the TT, ot the 32 Vangaurd BB on the Cheetah if that's the direction you end up going. Both engines have excellent reps.


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i have small feet. :laugh: size 9 1/2 ...i also have short legs too. i'm 5'9". i actually had trouble reaching the deck lift pedal with the seat all the way forward on the cheetah. that's ok though since the foot pedal is adjustable so i could move it closer. :laugh: make sure the mower fits you before you buy it. :)