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Made "top search engine rank" page vanish: maybe forever !!


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Westside Oregon
Some of you have read my page on how I got our website to the top search engine slots for our trade in Oregon. Today, I yanked the article from view - maybe forever. In it's place, I put a duplicate of the other page that was posted here later...


In my opinion, that later article is 50 times more useful than reams of articles on search engine rankings. Anyhow, since I've seen the first article's URL get posted by others on various sites, here's a note that the newer topic is duplicated as a substitute. It's doubtful that I'll make any full articles anymore about search engine ranking.


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In the long-run, it makes sense to focus on producing a beneficial and functional website that represents your company and reflects who you are.
Well, not exactly what I've been saying, but my view is make the site for the visitors rather than focus on the engines, close enough.
Fact is, build a site for the engines and you're left with something that only half serves visitors, I like your articles, we seem to see a similar light at the end of the tunnel, and you're right about it not making a whole lot of sense to attract international traffic for a local business, etc...