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MAG-12008 question

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Dennis Davis, May 13, 2012.

  1. Dennis Davis

    Dennis Davis LawnSite Member
    Messages: 41

    Hi Gerd,

    What is the total depth that a blade can be inserted into the MAG-12008? In the video, the cleaned surface doesn't include the center of the blade. When hand cleaning blades with a wire wheel, I clean both sides, end to end. Can this be done and, if so, up to what length blade? Thank you.

    Dennis in Boise, Idaho
  2. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
    Messages: 839

    Hello Dennis,

    The MAG-12008 is able to clean a lawn mower blade of up to 30 inches long and 3.75 inches wide. So reaching the center hole is never a problem.

    The MAG-12008 also cleans both top and bottom of the blade at the same time.
  3. Dennis Davis

    Dennis Davis LawnSite Member
    Messages: 41

    Hi Gerd,

    As usual, thanks for the quick response. It's good to know that the blades can be cleaned their entire length. I knew from the video that both sides of the blade were cleaned at the same time. It sure looks like a time saver. I'll have to save my spare change and look for a future sale or scratch and dent item.

  4. CQ_DX

    CQ_DX LawnSite Member
    from MA
    Messages: 67

    Dennis -

    FYI, We still use a right angle with a cup brush to do Walker "Trash Cups"... I made custom clamp mounts to hold the cups for this. We have a method where we can process the cups on the 8000 (if/as needed), balance them on the 1000, reassemble them with their blades, verify their balance on the 1000, and provide a balanced assembly of cup & blade to the customer. And it's fast.

    By itself, the 12008 can clean everything from the most aggressive "gator" blade" to the easy ones. The 12008 is not always as aggressive as a cup brush nor as fast with caked on vegetation (keep a sharp scraper nearby and pre scrape the thick stuff into a large barrel/bucket). BUT, and this is a BIG but ... in our shop we do NOT want to ingest (breathe in) the crap stuck to blades. We previously had to run JET dust collector/filter/accumulators full tilt when cleaning - and this junk could still permeate the air. NOT healthy! With the 12008 and a ducted triple filtered Porter-Cable Sheet Rock vac system we no longer need to run the scrubbers unless someone screws up, does brush cups, - or ate the wrong stuff for lunch, LOL. The P-C vac and it's filters are serviced weekly to keep the suction at it's max. We also have a secondary "shop style vac" tied into the ducting for use both as a backup as well as to allow seperate sucking up of grinder grit (shop vac) AND 12008 dust (P-C vac) at the same time.

    The 12008 is also tied in via a blast gate to the vac, so either or both devices can have its debris adequately removed. The 8000 has been modified with an additional grit/dust collector and the two collectors each have their own ducting/blast gate - but most times both 8000 collector gates are wide open.

    One last note (unrelated) we swapped off to other wheels to see how they worked ... wear versus capabilty versus price for the stock wheels from Magna-Matic, since MM wheels are pricey plus shipping. Locally I can get seemingly lesser quality wheels which seemed to wear faster but I don't have to pay shipping. It REALLY hurts for wheels to be shipped (I "THINK") from Norton in Worcester, MA (30 miles away) to Magna-Matic, and then ALL the way back to me in Eastern MA! So I had to try other products from a discount store to avoid the shipping expense plus obtain a lower purchase price. Grind was OK, but wear was more - I think. Today I received 8 wheels - Four 1 inch and Four 1/2 inch from Magna-Matic so I can once again compare.

    We also abused the heck out of the non-Norton wheels and they held together. The speed rating was lower so I made sure we all used appropriate protection. End grinding blade corners square on the sides of the wheels was what got me nervous - but we decided to try flipping the wheels every time we swapped so the side wear would (hopefully) be equal on each side surface. Guess what - NOT ONE FAILURE.

    I have noticed a change in wheel color from a rose color to a purple color in some of the Magna-Matic supplied wheels from a year or two ago to what arrived today. The older Norton/MM rose colored wheels were LOUSY. Really soft, went out of round VERY quickly, and just seemed to be inferior to the imported stuff I thought would be junk - and wasn't. Hence I had to try other products. The Norton purple 1/2 inch wheels from a year ago seem to be far better than the Norton rose colored junk.

    Be interesting to see how the new purple one inch wide wheels hold up, how they spin (the rose MM/Norton wheels were not terrific from a rotational point of view) and how they grind and endure.

    I may end up back with the el Cheapos - if I can get more after this summer! Problem is, Harbor Tool moved in and the two discount places that sold tools cheap are getting the crap kicked out of them. I guess after a wheel or two I may go see what they have left or can get.
  5. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
    Messages: 839

    Hello CQ_DX,

    Just a note about the wheels. Norton only changed the dye, it may seem like the wheels were different, but it was only the color. In the 1990's they were pink, late 90's gray, 2000's red/brown, last 2 years they have been blue.

    However the spec of the wheels we carry has not changed over that time, we've added other wheels, but the 9000-23 has been the same spec since 1987. Also keep in mind

    ****NEWS FLASH*****
    We are doing some testing with a new 1/2" wheel for the MAG-8000 to improve wheel life, we may have something out in a few months, pending testing.

    So we'll keep you posted.
  6. Dennis Davis

    Dennis Davis LawnSite Member
    Messages: 41

    CQ_DX and Gerd,

    Thank you both for your responses. It is always nice to get second opinions and some feedback on what others are experiencing. Anyone else on the forum that wishes to express your thoughts, feel free to do so. This forum was far more active in the past, and I see that a large number of folks do read the different threads. Post away, let's hear from you other users of Magna-Matic products. Those of us who are new really need to learn from the more experienced users. I do know that my clients have been very pleased with the results...less vibration...cleaner cutting. I have also encouraged them to clean the underside of their mowers and the chute, and apply a good coating of Fluid Film and spread it with an old paint brush. Those who have done so say that the grass just doesn't stick to the deck/chute areas anymore. Sorry to drift off of the MM topics.

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