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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by tacoma200, May 29, 2009.

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    I would suppose you sell a lot more 9,000s. I doubt if I would ever use anything but strait blades but which one do you sell the most of and by how much of a ration? 2 to 1?
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    Hello tacoma200

    They are nearly the same in amount sold, keep in mind our equipment is not just sold to landscapers. Our equipment is purchased and used by servicing dealers, sharpening shops, universities, parks depts, sportsfields .. etc.

    So, if your question was do landscapers/lawn care pro's buy the MAG-9000 more, then definatly. The MAG-9000 is designed for the lawn care pro, where the MAG-8000 is designed more for the needs of servicing dealers/sharpening shops.

    Unlike most manufacturers who build products to fit a PRICE POINT. We design and manufacture a product to fit a NEED. This is why we do not have a model line up of 4-9 different sharpeners with varying levels of features.

    We designed a sharpener for the lawn care pro/landscaper, and one for servicing dealers/sharpening shops. Now there is plenty of crossover, we get some dealers that only sell commercial mowers, so they don't need the mulching blade features of the MAG-8000, so they go with the MAG-9000. And conversely, we get some landscapers/lawn care pros who want a larger machine, or do more brush cutter blades, or mulching blades, and want the MAG-8000. So its a definate mix of users. Keep in mind both the MAG-8000 and MAG-9000 will sharpen a blade in the same time frame, the performance does not vary between the two, only their abilities/functions.

    See here for a nice side-by-side view of the MAG-8000 and MAG-9000.

    Please ask if you have any further questions.
    Thank you,

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