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MAG-8000, MAG-1000, MAG-10300 ("Lot 4") Review

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by CQ_DX, May 10, 2010.

  1. CQ_DX

    CQ_DX LawnSite Member
    from MA
    Messages: 67

    Some LEDs hook up to an AC/DC transformer but merely have a single rectifier diode providing half-wave rectification. Many LED Christmas strings use this form of recification. Should you have decent eyesight and cast somewhat of a sidewards glance to the LEDs, you may notice a slight flicker which is due to the half-wave rectification. For a bit more money, use a bridge rectifier (or four rectifier diodes) and you'll gain full-wave rectification and no flicker. Add a filter cap to the input of an el-cheapo regulator and a couple of caps to the output and you'll have decent, clean, stable power - darn good enough for LED lighting.

    UL & CSA, VDE, etc certification is certainly an issue so buying a solution satisfies this issue for sure!

    I'm surprised about the halogen heat - must be well designed - or low power bulbs. Most people have a temperature threshold of pain running about 143 degrees F, so if you can keep the palm of your hand in contact with this light I'd guess it's about 138 degrees F, maybe even as low as 125 F. Be interesting to see what you measure!!

    I'll look forward to a retro-fit kit for quick wheel change overs and all the other exciting add-on accessories you are working on.

    As for the MAG-12008, I'll have to time myself cleaning blades with my current setup to see if I can justify the added expense of your new unit.

    To close - I'm sure you know your web-site is down for maintenance, right? Been down all morning and afternoon.

    Take Care, Bill
  2. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
    Messages: 839

    Hi Bill,

    Oh we haven't totally closed the door on a Magna-Matic mfg LED machine light, the costs and benefits have to be researched.

    The wattage on the two units we'll be carrying are 20 and 50 watt, and they are very intense and bright with a focused beam.

    Regarding the site, yes we're making some database updates and other modifications to the image galleries and how they are displayed. The site should be back up later this evening.
  3. CQ_DX

    CQ_DX LawnSite Member
    from MA
    Messages: 67

    We have been using this equipment for several months now. So what do we think of it?


    Check out my MAG-12008 review as I updated it and have another photo you should see - it compares a MAGNA-MATIC processed blade to one processed using other equipment - what a difference!

    With regards to using the MAG-12008 and the MAG-1000 balancer:

    I missed a spot of grass build-up on a 21 inch light duty home-owner walk-behind. The blade was perfectly balanced, meaning it was perfectly horizontal with no trend to dip to either side. Then I spotted the grass still stuck to the blade. This spot measured 3/8ths of an inch long by a little under 1/8th inch wide by maybe a bit over a 1/16th inch thick (approximated eye-ball-dimensions). I flicked it off using the scraper, put it back briefly into the MAG-12008 and remounted it on the MAG-1000. I expected the blade might lean a little to one side but never expected it to dip. Wow is the MAG-1000 sensitive!

    If you guys who take sharpening and balancing seriously don't have a MAG-12008, think about it. You will provide your customers a better product, or your personal equipment will benefit from a better sharpened, better balanced blade. If you cut for a living, your customers will see a difference when you constantly use a well sharpened blade.

    Here are pics that show what the MAG-12008 and MAG-8000 are capable of:

    The photos are two identical blades, one older and sharpened more times, and a newer one. Both were first sharpened using Magna_matic equipment, then used until ready to be sharpened again. I sharpened the older one using the MAG-8000 and had the newer blade resharpened at another shop. Can you see the difference? Which one do you think was done on the MAG-8000?



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