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    Hello All,

    We just re-designed our online store for easier navigation and a brighter design.

    Secondly we've just released a new section to the online store of RETRO-FIT UPDATE KITS. These are parts kits to update older Magna-Matic sharpener models to the current features and design. One of our design principles is to always try to make improvments that can be retro-fitted to older machines so previous customers are not forced to buy new equipment to get the new features.

    Here is the RETRO-FIT UPDATE KIT link

    One of the main kits we just released is for the Quick Change Grinding wheel grit guard for the MAG-8000. The current MAG-8000 has a grit guard that removes and takes the clear guards with it. This allows for very fast grinding wheel changes. Older models required the removal of 6 small screws. Now it can be done in by loosening a knob and pulling the grit guard away.

    See the 8000-66-KIT here

    Thank you,

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