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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by BLL, May 14, 2002.

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    i was looking at getting a 9000 but alot of people seem to talk about the fireball sharpeners. What is the difference and why is the magnamatic better? ANy help woudl be greatly appreciated and alos if you could give me the name of a few MD dealers i woudl appreciate it also
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    Hello, and thank you for the question.

    All Magna-Matic sharpeners will always beat the others in sharpening time of blades, simply because we can remove the largest amount of steel in the least amount of time without burning the blade.

    The Fireball as i understand was designed and made by a dis-gruntled designer from WALL (RBG). Their designs are identical, and so is the performance. The main difference between the RBG and FIREBALL is that FIREBALL generally uses more 3/4 HP motors.

    The issue in grinding is not HP it is surface speed, which is achived with motor RPM and grinding wheel diameter.

    As far as i know the RBG and FIREBALLs are priced similarly, but i think that FIREBALL has a little better customer relation i have heard.

    The most relavent info i can give you is that if you buy a MAGNA-MATIC product, you WILL be impressed and satisfied with the quality, performance, and design. We offer LIFETIME toll free phone support, 1 year warranty, 30 day money back guarrantee.

    We engineer our products to be the absolute best, and while they are slightly more expensive, they are worth it. We believe that hands down we can beat any of our competitors.

    Please review the info at this link, it compares the SPECs of RBG's least expensive model and our least expensive model (MAG-9000). The prices are the direct retail prices from each manufacturer.

    All info that we have listed about RBG can be found in their PRODUCT CATALOG and PRICE LIST.

    Please post any further questions about this topic, i will be glad to help the best i can.

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