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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by asjgabries, May 29, 2008.

  1. asjgabries

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    The table on my mag 9000 is starting to fall apart from sliding blades across it. What can be done to eliminate this?
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    The worktables are wear items, but to increase their life, do the following:

    Before sharpening deburr the underside of the blade.
    Ensure you are keeping the blade flat against the worktable
    (in other words - not sawing the table with the blade)

    Please note that the MAG-9000 has an onboard replacement, just swap the bottom worktable to the top.

    Thank you,
  3. rluscomb

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    question, as a fairly large lawn maint company, 100 + customers serviced weekly how would this equipment benefit us vs. our current brand (BMG)
  4. asjgabries

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    We sharpen 12 blades a day and it is a little quicker (not much). Usally it is a smoother operation(less vibration) than my old RBG. Biggest down is that it really seems to go though grinding wheels quicker than the old unit. I am on my 4th of the year.
  5. Magna-Matic

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    The MAG-9000 will sharpen a blade in 1-2 minutes. If it is taking longer than that, i can review its use and give some tips to get that performance level.

    The major advantages over RBG, OREGON, etc or any bench grinder:
    You will not burn the blade
    There is no dressing of the grinding wheel
    Consistant 30 degree angle everytime on the MAG-9000
    Quiet operation with no vibration.
    No limit to the cutting edge length that you would like to sharpen
    Contained sparks with vac attachment included with the MAG-9000
    Single direction motor for safety
    Enclosed design for safety

    And much more, take a peek at this link for more info on the design differences,

    To address the comment on grinding wheel use:
    We use a softer wheel than bench grinder style machines, this is so we keep the heat down, and so that there is no dressing required, and many other additional benefits. On average you will see 200 to well over 300 blades per wheel, this is approx 12 cents per blade of the wheel being used. You may use slightly more wheels (depending your usage), however with the MAG-9000 the labor time is greatly reduced, and the results are a consistant cutting edge everytime.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Thank you,

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