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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by firefighter, Oct 2, 2002.

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    Trying to sign up for your Mag - News. Unable to do so. Can you help ¿ Can't get to the proper form, tells me not authorized.

    Im interested in purchasing a 8000 blade sharpender, wanting to know if their is any discount if you purchase two ¿:blob2:
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    Yes the MAG-NEWS is down right now. I am currently working on it to make it easier to use. I will remove that link so as not to confuse people. I will NOTIFY on our news section and on lawnsite when it is finished being overhauled.

    Currently when there is any news, we post it on our site as well as in our LAWNSITE forum.

    No, i am sorry, there are no discounts on buying (2) MAG-8000's. But there is always FREE SHIPPING at our online store, which is quite a value since the MAG-8000 weighs a bit, and comes in 2 boxes. (80lbs & 20lbs)

    There is a 5% discount when you buy sharpeners in LOT combinations with balancers and/or stands.

    Thank you,

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