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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by odin, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. I just put the 9000 on order i look forward to useing it .
    Be awhile before i can use it im laid up for a few weeks from eye surgery, but it will be put into action as soon as it gets here .

    We been useing a rbg 3410 and it is a little hard to get the correct angle ,i hope the 9000 does a better job at maintaining the correct angle.
    I would just like you to know without this forum we wouldnt have thought about your product most of the supply catolog dont carry your grinder .
    We have your balancer and love it.
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    Well i hope the surgery went well, and that you won't be laid up too long.

    Yes, you should find the MAG-9000 easier to use overall compared to the RBGs. If you ever have any questions please call us, post here, or email us.

    ----> Why don't you find MAGNA-MATIC sharpeners in the supply catalogs?

    Well there are a number of reasons. First becuase our equipment is considered "capital investment" equipment, much like a mower is. Most capital investment equipment is not sold as mass merchandise like oil filters and belts are. Those oil filters and belts go through what is called "two tier" or "three tier" distribution. So, essentially you have a MFG who makes the belt, then he sells it to a wholesaler like ROTARY or STENS, then they sell it to one of their dealers, who then finally sells it to the END USER.

    You can see that every time the belt changes hands there is a mark up. We being the MFG try to keep the mark ups to a minimum so that the equipment is at a fair price.

    NO Magna-Matic product is mass produced, most of our products are even hand crafted, to ensure the highest quality and performance.

    Another reason is price, catalogs love to push products at high volume, so they want cheap products that they can sell over and over, and mark up. This is why you find RBG in catalogs, and not us.

    One more note to take in to consideration is that with all the mark ups, and distance between MFG and END USER, the END USER gets terrible information about the product. This is why we offer LIFETIME PHONE SUPPORT and an extensive website to help any one who purchases our equipment.

    Thank you for your business,
  3. Got the 9000 yesterday my brother sharpened up some toro blades and id like to report he said it is hands down better then the rbg.
    He liked the platform where you lay the blade a lot said it was much easier to get a good angle then the rbg.

    Thanks for a great product
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    Thank you, we are very happy that you have found our sharpener to be the high-performance machine that we advertise it to be.

    Remember if you ever have any questions, just ask. You'll always get to talk to a human when calling or emailing us.

    Thank you,

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