n y snow pros

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Yeah ,Chuck its getting scary i think i opened up a can of worms i hope i can control it! I had 56 pallets in here for stock Wednesday and now its Saturday and i have 1 pallet left!I called the plant Friday and told them i need 5 trailer loads of 50lb bags and they said "but you just took 3 trailers on Wednesday." I think i need a bigger building.

Chuck Smith

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Nutley, NJ
It sure sounds like it. I think I could sell it by the ton here too, no pun intended, I just have no place to keep it. Maybe you could work out a comission program, and increase you sales even MORE.


Snow Pro

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Hammond, Indiana
As far as I know noone around here has even heard about it except for those of us at the SIMA conventions. This market is wide open for you guys!