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    I have an odd question which i couldn't find results of in a search. Why is it that you show the blade being sharpened at a 45 degree angle from the stone on your website? I have always used a straight on approach sharpening blades, thus wearing the stone evenly. With the blade at a 45 angle wont you need to constantly flip the stone over? This assumes you don't sharpen left handed blades like on a walker or scag cougar, although we do use walkers, and therefore do sharpen left handed blades.

    next question is concerning the life of a stone. If I personally use a grinder and noone else in our company, the stone would conceivably last at least 2 months. As it stands, sometimes we are lucky to get a month out of a stone. To be exact, the latest stone lasted for 5 working days $47.00 down the drain. how do your 8x1x 5/8 stones handle, and do you have different types of stone (aluminum oxide, etc.)

    Currently, we sharpen approximately 150 blades a week sometimes more sometimes less.

    P.S. We are currently in the market for 2 new blade grinders(currently use an RBG grinder), so any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    I do apologize for the delay in a reply - we have a new email program/setup and the junk mail is very aggressive - it seems that i was not getting the POST notifications.

    The reason we approach at the 45 degree angle is to produce a compact machine that uses a single direction motor so that we can comply with ANSI industrial safety standards. If we approached perpendicular to the rotaion of the wheel the motor would be in the way, as it is in RBG's - this also is why they have such long motor shaft (to sharpen long edged blades). Dual direction motors (where grinding is applicable) are not allowed in industry, but due to the lawn care industry being considered commercial other sharpeners do not have to use a single direction motor. We spec and design all of our products for industrial safety standards.

    The wheel is self dressing - you do not need to flip it - but can to get that last little bit of life out of the wheel - you can use almost all of the wheel even at that angle.

    This 45 degree angle also allows us to do both right and left handed blades with a single direction motor.


    The wheels we use are NOT bench grinder wheels. Bench grinders and bench grinder wheels are designed for sharpening hardened materials (tool steel). They use a very hard wheel at slower speeds (1725 RPM). They remove a small amount of steel from a high cost tool bit to sharpen it. This is why bench grinders and all the modified bench grinder based lawn mower blade sharpeners BURN blades and take a long time to sharpen.

    All of our sharpeners us a softer wheel (tool room grinding wheel - not bench grinder wheel) at a higher speed (3450 RPM) - our machines are designed FOR LAWN MOWER BLADES - they are not modified exisiting products. Our sharpeners have been designed from the ground up, specifically for lawn mower blades. So this is one of the reasons why we can sharpen a blade in about 60 seconds and not burn it - in a dry grinding arrangment.

    Our wheels are 7" dia x 1" wide x 1-1/4" arbor hole. We do offer different hardenesses.


    Our wheels are $26.00 and can yield anywhere from 100 to 300 + blades. It is a DIRECT relationship of how much STEEL you need to remove.

    Please let me know if i covered all your questions or if you have more - also feel free to call me at 800-328-1110 to discuss the products further.

    Thank you,

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