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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Sep 12, 2000.

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    Anyone currently using a Magna-Matic blade balancer? They dont seem to have a website. I can buy an Economy or a Deluxe from a range of $89.99 all the way to $169.95. Don't quite understand how they work, but had heard a lot about them over the years. Currently using a Brandlein Fireball Jr. 8" 3/4hp grinder (excellent) and a nail in the wall and a good eye for a balancer.


    I've seen the pics of your balancer, and tried to read and understand its disign, but it is difficult to understand how yours works also. Are all DC 60" blades bent down towards the tip? Even when new they dont sit flat on a table.

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    It is just two bearings with the OD of them being the size of your blade holes. I used 2 bearings that have an OD of 5/8" and have an ID hole of 1/4" that is on a 1/4" bolt and a 1 1/2" washer behind the bearings to keep the blades from going on to far. When you put the blade on this, the heavy end will swing down, so when it's perfectly balanced, it won't move at all. The bearings can be bought at a hardware store. The reason I used two is that with just one bearing, the blade doesn't stay on it very good, so I feel the second one is necessary. It's easy and cheap to build and very accurate. I mounted mine onto my grinder, but you could put this about any place that is handy for you, but it needs to be horizontal. Does this explain it better? I hope so. :)

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