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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Green Pastures, May 20, 2009.

  1. Green Pastures

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    I saw the thread posted here for the demo units being available in early May. When I clicked on the thread I found that it had been posted on May 1st. Surely the unit had been sold. Crap I was too late!

    I decided to call anyway.

    What could go wrong? You get a 30 day money back guarantee right? Who does that anymore?

    I called and spoke to Gerd. He informed me that the unit he had posted about was sold but that he would be doing some testing on an 8000 later that week and when he was finished that unit would be available for purchase as a demo.

    I bought the farm. Got the 8000, the stand, the balancer, the mount to put the balancer on the stand and a few extra wheels in varying degrees of hardness.

    Everything arrived yesterday on two very neatly packed boxes. I must say that even though this unit was a demo (slightly used) it was packed like a brand new unit. If you look hard you can see that it has been used, but you can also tell that it has been cleaned up before packing and shipping. Well why not buy a demo? After I sharpen one blade it's going to look just like it does right now.....

    I'm in process of assembling everything now. Have to say that the instructions are very good. Color pictures for each step along the way. All hardware was neatly bagged and all the hardware is there.

    This is stout stuff fellas. There is not a single piece of cheap pot metal or sheet metal in the box. All is thick heavy (looks like powder coated maybe Gerd will correct me here) steel.

    Will post more after I finish assembling the unit and begin sharpening blades.

    Thanks Gerd!

    *Because I had recently been on Magna Matic's website and seen the videos of someone sharpening mower blades, I was convinced, I was finally....after darn near what 6 or 7 years on this site....finally convinced (because of actually seeing the product in use) that I had to buy a unit.*

    Read that again Gerd.

    Spend more money on more and bigger and more hi definition videos for the site. Maybe even get some old used dull blades and show the process of sharpening and balancing a set of 3 blades from start to finish.......
  2. Magna-Matic

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    Hello Green Pastures

    Thank you for the initial review of your "un-boxing experience."

    To confirm your guess, YES - everything is powder coated, or zinc plated steel to protect against corrosion.

    Also, we almost ALWAYS packaged demo units in new packaging, we all know UPS can be rough, so we don't take chances re-using packaging.

    We are very aware of the power of video, and yes, we are looking and getting many more videos up on the site, and to produce instructional DVD's, but keep in mind its not just money that goes into those items. We need to write the information/outlines that is explained in the video, and that simply takes time. Like most all landscapers we are a family owned company, and there is never enough time.

    Thank you for your support, we greatly appreciate you sharing your experience with others so they too can understand the benefit of having the proper tools for the job.
  3. mitw44

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    Well, I will share my experience with the Mag 9000. I am a small part-time operation with about 10 lawns. Some I use a 48" Gravely Z, some just a 21" Ariens pro.

    I began to realize last year that I was just not sharpening my blades often enough, and I believe I lost an account in a nice neighborhood last year because of it. But I didnt have the ability to do them myself, and it was a real inconvience not to mention expensive to take them in for sharpening.

    I live a ways outside of Tulsa, and my hometown does not have any lawn care shops to speak of. I work in Tulsa, and was always having to race to the shop in Tulsa, trying to get there before it closed to get my blades sharpened.

    After studying lawnsite and MagnaMatics website, I finally broke down and ordered a Mag 9000, a Mag 1000 balancer and the balancer mounting arm.

    My impressions are this is real well made, well engineered equipment. I could not believe how quickly it sharpened, as well as how nice of an edge it put on the blades! The edge is as good as new ones from the factory.

    It even cleaned up one set of blades I left on a mower for about 50 hours!

    The Mag 9000 is so heavy it sits on my workbench without moving, steady as a rock.

    The balancer arm is heavy duty steel and well worth the money. The base of it is screwed to the horizontal surface of the workbench, and it allows me to tilt it at the right angle for easily accessing it. I used a level when mounting the balancer, and doing a final tightening of the balancer arm hardware.

    The Mag 1000 is so precise, I can't believe I used to use those stupid plastic cone balancers, or a nail. With a little practice, you can tell how much more metal to take off by how quickly or slowly the blade rotates.

    I beleive that even at my small scale, the equipment pays for itself in not having to buy so many new blades, the cost and time to take my blades to someone so far away from my home, and I am much more likely to swap fresh blades onto my mowers on a frequent basis.

    Thanks for the top-notch equipment. It was well worth it!
  4. Green Pastures

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    After having the 8000 for a while now, I can honestly say it's been some of the best money I've ever spent in business equipment.

    1. Blades on mowers are actually sharp now and not just shined up on the edges.

    2. Blades are really balanced now and not just hung from a nail in the wall of Billy Bob's shop.

    3. Easier to keep the angle right for the length of the blades with the oversize table installed.

    4. May want an even softer stone. I've been putting "some" heat into the blades I've been sharpening. HOWEVER, all blades I've been sharpening have been completely new to the MM 8000 and I've noticed that the angle is COMPLETELY different and I've had to take off ALOT of metal to get the angle right for the MM system. Hopefully, once I get into re-sharpening blades that have already been sharpened on the MM system, it'll go faster and put less heat into the blades.

    More later.
  5. Green Pastures

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    I sharpened 43 blades on Tuesday of this week.

    The Magna Matic 8000 is awesome.

    Backed off the pressure on the blades to let the stone do the work at it's own speed after talking with Gerd on the phone. Works much faster and with less heat with less pressure. I was trying to take off too much metal at a time and putting to much pressure on the stone which loaded it up. After backing off the pressure the stone takes off ALOT of metal on it's own with very little pressure.

    My oh my! This system makes blade sharpening and balancing a breeze.

    Getting blades at the right angle after being "sharpened" by local shops at the wrong angle and rounding off my tips was tedious. I believe part of that was because I was pressing the blade into the stone too hard. But when re-sharpening blades that have already been sharpened on the 8000, it's so quick and easy you feel like you need to spend more time to get that kind of quality edge.

    THANK YOU Magna Matic for making a quality product and for your great customer service.

    Gerd I think I like the harder 1" wide stone.

    I want to try a harder 1/2" wide stone too. I used at least half my narrow stone on 6 Exmark mulching blades. They are sharp and no burning, but half of a stone on 6 blades will get expensive.....

    Love the product!
  6. djagusch

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    How long did it take to do all 43 blades? Also about how long does it take a one beaten blade?
  7. syzer

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    This is my biggest gripe! We also have the 8000 and love it! The mower shops around here dont even put an edge on the blades like this machine does. We have had ours for 3 years now.

    The 1/2" stone is nice, but goes very fast, and they are pretty expensive. I wish there was a better solution for this, and the mulching blades are still tricky, but I dont see how it could be made any easier.

    Awesome machine!
  8. Magna-Matic

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    Hello All,

    Rest assured we are testing other 1/2" wide wheels to improve the life of the wheel without having it burn and sharpen slowly.

    The problem is the 1/2" wheel is not half the cost of the 1" so of course doing mulching blades does come at a higher cost.

    The second problem is that with only a 1/2" wide surface, people can push harder than they need to and wear the wheel out a little quicker, and there is the heat to manage. The danger with going to a harder 1/2" wide wheel is with the narrow surface area, and added ability to push harder, heat becomes a major issue.

    One recommendation is use the 1" wide wheel to do the first 1-2 inches of the blade, (where you will find the majority of the wear). THEN, use the 1/2" wide wheel to do the curved mulching surfaces that generally take little to no wear. Of course you would want to productionize this process, do all the tips of the blades, then switch over and do the mulching surfaces.

    That is one way to maximize wheel life of the 1/2" wide wheel.

    As always keep in mind the FIRST time you sharpen and balancer your blades with our equipment you are doing not just a sharpening job, but rather a "remanufacturing" of the blade, changing the angle to something consistent. Once the blades are made to 30 degrees the subsequent sharpenings will use much less of the wheel and take less time, because you'll be keeping a consistent angle.
  9. Green Pastures

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    It took about 4 hours if I remember correctly, but keep in mind I was not keeping track of time.

    Also keep in mind this was the first time sharpening all of those blades on the Magna Matic system so I was completely re doing the angle. Many of the blades were rounded on the tips from local sharpening shops doing their usual crappy job and I had to take off ALOT of metal to get back to square blade tips.

    I'm VERY happy that I bought this unit.

    I'm very pleased that I went from changing blades every 8 hours to every 12 hours now. Not magic, just something to do with the angle of the grind and not getting heat into the edges while sharpening I guess. The blades sharpened on the Magna Matic are just sharper longer.

    Update, sharpened a few of the original 43 I did the other week and it is MUCH easier and WAY faster to re-sharpen a blade that has previously been PROPERLY sharpened on the MM system.

    I'm VERY happy I bought the 8000 unit.

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