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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfguy33, May 27, 2001.

  1. turfguy33

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    :blob3: A couple weeks ago, there was a thread on blade sharpeners, which opened my eyes so to speak as to obtain a blade sharpener. I know Eric uses one and I believe he said uses a RGB, which I looked into, but decided to take the plunge and get a Magna Matic. There alittle more, but the man said there much quicker and hold up better, or so the guy said. I went ahead and bought one of those High tech blade balancers also, it shows the true balance of the blade as well as if it is bent or warped any.......I paid $655 for both of them, but I won't get it until thursday or Friday, Just wondering on how they are, Has anyone used one yet....To me, they seem better than the rgb, but I haven't used either, so I don't have a right to an opinion.......Until now, I just used a bench grinder..........I'm sure anything would be better than this method
  2. TLS

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    These are the ones in a "metal box" right? They look nice. I have a Magna-Matic Balancer, and if their sharpener is built half as nice as this, it should serve you very well.

    Let us know.
  3. Mowingman

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    I have seen RGB's advertised , but have never heard of Magna- matic until now. Who sells these and where can I get info/literature about them? I need a good sharpener as well as a good balancer.:blob3:
  4. Lawn DOG

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    We have both the magna-matic and the RGB. You already know if you have read the other threads about the grinder. So I will tell you that the balancer is by far the best you can buy. It tells you things you could never tell with the naked eye. If your blade is barely bent you will be able to tell. You will amazed with the accuracy. We also use the $5.00 balancer because it is faster. The only problem with the magna-matic is it is so sensitive it takes awhile to level out. We use the cheap one when we are in a hurry and the magna-matic on rainy days when we got time.
  5. Administrator

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    I sell their equipment direct via if you are interetsted. They sell true sharpeners and balancers.

    Chuck Keough
  6. tomoaktree

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    Just wondering how you like your balancer and grinder so far. Would you recomend them?
  7. BobR

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    Got mine last year, really gets the job done.. If you are really fussy about balance, when you have a blade mounted on the balancer give it a little spin clockwise and when it stops moving give it another spin counter clockwise this seems to warm up or loosen the lube on the balancers bearing, you only have to do this once and now continue sharpening & balancing... I use a Fireball Jr for a grinder (sure beats a bench or handheld grinder)..
  8. sid

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    Balancer is a little too precise. I think you would need their 4K blade cleaner to make balancing on it a cost effective procedure. I will rarely have the time to scrape every piece of debris off blade & try to get it perfectly balance.
    Mag8000 grinder is an excellent unit with incredible customer support. I may start a small blade sharpening side business with it next year.
  9. tomoaktree

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    from WNY
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    Has anyone bought the Magna Matic 9000 ($541.00) grinder?
  10. Bluegrass Lawn Service

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    I sure don't mean to sound negative about $500 balancers but what's wrong with a 7" disc grinder. How many blades are you sharping per day and how long does it take you to sharpen 1 blade. I change the blades on three dixies and run double blades. It takes me about a minute or two to sharpen a blade Take that times 18 blades which is 36 minutes each day sharpening blades. At a local mower shop that had one of those sharpeners, the guy spent about 5 minutes and still didn't have one sharpen. Also why do you feel you need to balance your blades. I tried and this, was more time consumming then it was worth. In the 5 years of sharpening blades I don't think I ever felt an out of balance blade yet. I have had some bent one but could see them with the eye. Seems like a lot of money and time wasted

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