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  1. I have a Lesco blade grinder

    It work ok

    I was wondering what your grinder would do for me

    I have your brochure, but I don’t see why yours is better

    Or how it will sharpen faster

    Please give me some clues

    Thanks LGF:blob1:
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    There are many differences between the two grinders. First, the Magna-Matic design comes from the idea of a surface grinder in a machine shop not a bench grinder. We design our machines for the specific purpose of sharpening lawn mower blades faster than anyone else. We do this to reduce labor time, which is usually the most expensive factor in service.

    Our sharpeners are more ridgid and heavy in design to reduce vibration, keeping the grinding process quiet, a machine that is quiet and without vibration is a performace machine.

    Our sharpeners run at higher RPMs than others, because speed is what allows a grinder to cut well, not torque. A big mis-understanding is that you need a lot of horse power in a grinder, this may give you torque, but not speed.

    As i mentioned above about the design difference earlier, between the surface grinder vs. the bench grinder. All other blade grinders come from a bench grinder design, they all use very HARD grinding wheels. This may make the wheel last 4-5 years, but it will restrict you from grinding fast. The hard wheels are many times more expensive than our wheels ($24.50 ea) where RBG wheels range from $60-$135. Because our grinding wheels are the type mounted on surface grinders it allows us to pick a more specific type of wheel for the type of steel we want to cut. Where a bench grinder wheel is more standard, and is always quite hard, and designed for cutting only chisels, tool bits, and other hardened steels.

    Aside from these reasons, there are many more based on industrial safety design standards, the longer lasting more efficient materials we use. Our sharpeners are a completly different animal from what the industry is used to. I have included some links to more detailed info for you to read, if you have any questions, please call or re-post here.

    This is the offical product page for the MAG-9000 there are some design comparisons at the bottom of the page.

    Here are a number of technical documents that are also very informative about our sharpeners, the industry, and grinding wheels.

    Thanks for the question!

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