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  1. any one using the Magna-matic sharpener?

    If so is it faster than your old one?

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    I just purchased the MAG 9000 a week or so ago with the Mag 1000 balancer. It is a must have combo for sharpening blades professionally. I used to have my blades sharpened so I could not compare it to anything. Once you learn to use it correctly you can sharpen as advertised. The motor is great because it is hard to bog down, which results in faster sharpening. Also the Norton grinding wheels that are made for it take off a lot of metal in a short period of time. It is definitely a nice machine.
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    Im so glad your happy with your purchase.

    When it comes to sponsors I will always try to offer you the best products the industry has to offer!!

    Remember, I am a magna-matic reseller and I will offer you any of the products via Not only do you get a great product you help pay our bills. ;)

    Just let me know.

    Chuck Keogh

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